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Blood Powers Betrayed

By @Amaj101

A Little Convincing

At Rivver’s house, we stuffed ourselves with junk food and walked through the neighborhood. We talked, caught up, and had a ton of fun. Until he asks, “Did your Mom get a letter in the mail today?” I stop in my tracks. “Why?” I ask. 

“Because my Mom got a letter too,” Rivver continued, assuming my asking was a yes. “She panicked and snatched it out of my hand. She ran into her room and locked the door. Hasn’t come out for hours.” 

“My mom got a letter too. But she looked so cool about it, so I didn’t worry as much. She said it might’ve been from Grandma Else. That’s when I left.” I explain. He nods and continues walking. He picks up his pace, leaving me jogging to catch up with him. “What do think is in the letter?” I ask. He thinks about it for a little. “I don’t know. It really could be anything.” 

“Did the letter look official-looking? Or just say your mom’s name?” I inquire, thinking about whether my mom’s letter was official or not. “Official-looking. Did your mom’s look official?” No. It wasn’t official- looking. I shake my head. “It just had her name on it. But the writing was small and sloppy like the sender was rushing. No address.” Creepy, I think. Really creepy. 

“No address?” 

I shake my head again. We continue walking in deafening silence. “I need to find out what’s in that letter.” Rivver suddenly says. 

“Why? It could be something personal.”

“Your mom’s could be personal, mine is official.” 


“No, Kiane. I’m looking, and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.” I sigh in defeat. Once Rivver makes up his mind about something, there is no talking him out of it. “You should too, just in case.” I violently shake my head. “No. Mom would flip out on me. Especially if it’s something she doesn’t want me to see.” He turns to me with pleading eyes. “Rivver…” I pout. He still keeps pleading. 1…2…3… “Fine!” I relent. He smiles. “I knew I could convince you.” he laughs. 

“You knew you could play me. That’s not fair! I can’t say no when you’re pleading! Your stupid green eyes are impossible to resist.” I accused. He does nothing but laughs to himself. Sometimes I really hate that. “I’m very persuasive.” 

“You’re very threatening.” I correct. 

“I didn’t threaten you! It was merely a suggestion. A suggestion that you knew you couldn’t resist even if I hadn’t said something!” he protests.  

He’s right. I probably would’ve looked anyway whether he said something or not. Curiosity would’ve gotten the better of me. But still …Why did she get that letter? And why was it so…so…unofficial? The sender had very sloppy handwriting, but that may just be normal. I still can’t shake this feeling of uneasiness. It may be wrong, but I have to read that letter. Especially if Ms. Devlin got one too. “Okay, you’re overthinking this,” Rivver says. “Let’s go get some milkshakes, go home, read the letter, and call each other with what we find. Deal?” I don’t reply. He stops in front of me. “Deal?” he persists, meeting my eyes. “Vanilla?” I ask. He smiles. 

“With the whipped cream. Or creme, if you prefer.” he teases. He said creme like “cr-em-e”. I laugh. “Okay. Race you.” I take off towards the nearest cafe. “CHEATER!” Rivver calls out. He bolts in my direction, but my brain is on milkshakes.

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