Blood Descendants

By @Hanafuda
Blood Descendants

"As the sun went down her eyes would still glow, a bright red light guiding the lonely souls. She was once a human who extended her limit, respecting the prophecy that was places upon her." «» No regular story can start like this. With a girl who couldn't take it anymore, a prisoner of the same old routine, until... The secret was out. Riya, a vampire, who won't stop at power, respect or fear, comes to this world and rules it. «»

Chapter 5

V. The little big Paradise

Chapter five: The little big paradise

Riya’s point of view

Golden leaf is covering the poles at the entering of the mansion. Did I say mansion? I mean palace, ’cause that’s what this place is. It’s huge, like those medieval palaces with a gorgeous painting decorating the walls a huge garden and fountains made of crystal. Then as they see us coming, ten workers come to greet us. They dressed in a royal blue, blood red and golden uniform all the same.

Riya-hime! What happened to your majesty? Where are the carriages that were supposed to bring you here?”quickly mumbles guard A

“Easy. Let her rest a little.”says Kazuki a little bit annoyed.

” Her clothes are wet! Quick we have to bring her some change of clothes!”panics guard B

” No, first give her some blood! AB negative now!”yells another

They are pretty funny, all stressed out about… me. And why hime? Pff. Funny but annoying. No one is saying anything, Kazuki is laughing and his grandparents are a little bit uncomfortable.

” Why don’t we….”I start but there was no way the let me finish.

” Wow! She talks! Riya-hime just spoke!”

” What a fine voice! “

” Angelique!”

” How about you all just shut up?”I say completely mad about this stupid show that they are putting up.

Suddenly I feel shaken up. Oh. So that’s happening when I use too much spiritual energy. My head was lighter and I can’t control my body as I everything goes back.

I wake up in a large room, my head in Kazuki’s lap and another three women looking at me. They are dressed in the same patterned uniforms as the men from before.

“Kazu. What happened?”

“Oh. You’re up. You fainted again. I hope this won’t become a regular thing.”

“Tsk. I’ll be fine, don’t worry.”

The women are checking me to see if I’m really alright.

“Riya-hime, a warm bath is prepared for you everything you need is in the bathroom.”

“Mister Tsuki, please follow us, we will show you your room.”says one of them with a strange smirk.

” He’s not staying with me? “I ask surprised.

oh, sweetheart don’t worry, just because you’re ugly and he’s with you from pure pity doesn’t mean he won’t

enjoy our company.”

Ugly? I thought we were over that age, but this still annoys me. My bloody eyes start glowing, and some blue-

purple flames rush towards them.

” Hate to break it to you but just because you can control an element or two doesn’t mean you’re powerful.”

One of them, who controls water tried to stop them, but if I was careful enough to put some darkness in them. The flames touch their long uniforms and the smell of burned skin fills my lungs. Kazuki puts a hand on my

shoulder as I calm down and the fire dies. Those three girls are shaking, horrified by what I did. They fall on the

knees and beg me to let them live.

“Hime-sama, we are extremely sorry for what just happened. Two men will take care of him, women are forbidden in a man’s room.”tries to mumble between tears one of the maidens.

“See, Riya? You didn’t have to get mad, I would never do anything to hurt you.” says Kazuki kissing my cheek.

I smile and nod then he leaves my room. I look around, man, this place is gorgeous!

The floor is a creamy white marble, with a fluffy rug covering the center, next to the door is a floor-to-celling wardrobe. Everything is extremely clean and neat, well designed.

I get undressed ready to go to the bathtub, circling around the room a bit. An idea passes through my head, I take a deep breath and use the air control to maintain my balance.

I climb into the air like there’s a staircase and jump from one place to another. I spin around for a little bit making circles in the air. Suddenly the black studded bra unclips and falls on the ground.

I laugh while trying to cover myself. When I’m finally down on the ground I take a towel and enter the bathroom. It’s size is about half of the bedroom, with a shower in the corner and a huge bathtub right in the middle.

The mirror is on the left wall with a marble sink and a lavatory in the opposite corner. There are some cabinets with shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, some bath bomb and other things that usually my mom carries with her.

The tub is already full of bright rosy water with a thick coat of soap bubbles on top. I take out my lingerie and slip into the warm water, taking off all of the pins and strange sticks that kept everything in place.

I play around with all these bubbles and sink deep into the water, letting my body soak in parfume and cleanness. When I got out I notice a small cute envelope on the edge of the sink.

There is a glass of blood, human I guess by the smell of it, I just move it aside and get the letter in my hands. It’s nicely folded with a flower design on the edges. Inside on the paper there is this elegant calligraphic writing in black ink.

The message is saying: “I just saw your gorgeous figure, my sweet lover. Your eyes, your hair, your body, all of you… So beautiful yet so powerful. What attracts me the most is that look into your eyes. So firce and so inocent. I’ll see you again soon, My Lady.”

The appellation is written in a bloddy red ink, that has a special smell which I can’t figure out yet. This surprises me pleasantly. I never thought that Kazuki could be so romantic. I wander when did he put this here.

I take a towel and cover myself entering the bedroom. There was an old lady putting a dress on a hanger next to a lot more.

Riya-hime, please let me help you get ready for the dinner.”

“Oh. Umm.. Thank you very much.” I smile kindly sitting on a chair in front of her.

The old lady starts doing my hair, then the makeup and all of the rest. I look again at the result, thanking her. She told me the directions for the room where this dinner will take place. Let’s go see what this Head of the Clan can do.

I never got the chance to see how this Palace looks, given that I was passed out when we got here. It is truly gorgeous. The stairs are made of pure red crystal with the same creamy white marble railing.

I get down to the first floor then enter a long hall full of mirrors, and by this I mean they were everywhere- the florr, the celling, the walls, all covered in silver mirrors. Amazed by the glamor of the room I spin around to admire it. I do the same trick with the air as I did in my room and climb up.

I feel a powerful presence somewhere in the room, hmm do they really think I can sense them?

I slowly form a few small light spears and throw them in that direction, but whoever is there caught them all.

“Show yourself.”I say getting ready to fight again.

” Oh, but it seems like someone can handle themselves.”

Suddenly a thick black smoke covered the room and a mysterious man is reveal. He’s probably in his late 20’s, wearing an elegant royal blue velvet suit, with a well knotted tie and a pure white shirt underneath. In his pale skinned hand is a bloddy red rose that matched his gorgeous eyes. They were an icy blue with red highlights. Their electrifying coldness send chills down my spine. His perfect lips are curved in a smirk that make my knees go weak. That white skin is showing perfectly his golden hair, a little bit in waves, with gel to keep it in place.

He approaches me, his walk just like a model’s, straight and determined. His eyes didn’t leave mine for a second, he is devouring me. He offers me the rose taking my hand in his, kissing it.

“Ayato Shaan.”

He has a thick British accent, somehow similar to Kazuki. They both give me this feeling of vulnerability, yet of safety…. Why am I likening them? My eyes were wide open, waiting for his next move.

His eyes go up to mine, without letting my hand go. He’s pulling me towards him, until our faces almost touch. My heart is beating faster and faster, I take a deep breath from the air he exhales slowly. He gets closer til our noses touch, I panic and push him away, taking him by surprise. I run toward the door, looking back only once to see him smirking at me like he got what he wanted.

I get into my room and shut the door, locking it with the golden key in the knob. I let my body fall on the ground, with my face covered by my palms. I was shaking, what did just happened? Who was that man? His name… Shaan, so he’s a vampire?!

My face was covered in blood, I hold the rose too tight and the thorns prices my skin. I get up slowly and go to the bathroom to clean myself. The wound is already gone so after I wipe my hands and face I take off the dress and untie my hair.

Somebody knocks at the door, making me panic again.

“Who’s there?” I ask forming a ball of fire in my hand

“Riya-hime, I’m the lady that helped you prepare, are you okay? The leader asked about you.”

“Yeah, I’m fine, could you, please, tell him that I can’t make an appearance tonight?” I say calming down.

“Yes, of course. Rest well, Riya-hime.” she says then I hear her footsteps warding off.

I go back to the bathroom where another letter is nicely folded on the makeup table: “Your elegance and grace got me enchanted. I love you, my lady.” huh? Kazuki again? But the door was closed, how did he get in here?

I step into the shower, trying to clear my mind. The coldness is faded probably because of me being a vampire. Now when I think how it all started, everything feels ireal.

I take a towel and cover myself then go packing. I wanna go back in the town, drink some coffee at Mei, let it all fade away. I change my clothes and put some things in my bag pack and jump on the window. I have a few scratches and broken bones given I just had a free fall from the second floor but they all heal nicely.

When I finally get in the town everything seems different. Now that I think about it I didn’t get to see so many people, humans, in a long time. It’s like they are vibrating with colors and energy.

Why all this throng? Now that I think about it better, it’s around Christmas time. I have to get some presents, maybe I’ll visit Amy and I must get her something.

I first stop by the Cafe, sitting in the same corner on the very same cushions. I order an extra large vieneze coffee with cinnamon and orange and the sweet barista quickly brings it. I take my headphones and diary from my backpack. I start sketching something, nothing in particular, then I turn the page and start another drawing…of Ayato.

I let go of the pencil, sighing loudly, taking another sip of my coffee, that was completely disgusting. It didn’t taste like coffee at all. I could still feel the bitterness in my mouth, which I love, but the rest was complete crap.

Suddenly a pair of hands cover my eyes. I catch them sinking my nails into the skin, feeling the blood covering on my fingers. The smell, it was not human blood for sure.

Who am I, my lady?”

My lady? That’s what Kazu have written on the letters, but the voice…


The hands go down on my shoulders as he kisses my cheek.

“Good job, your guess was correct.”

He takes a chair and sits in front of me. His eyes fall on mine, the usual smirk on his face, the light sculpting his

face perfectly.

“How did you find me here?”

“I have a habit of keeping a close eye on the things that are important to me.”

Huh? I’m important? Pff.. Probably because of my powers. 

He orders a some strong drink and I take advantage of the situation to form a small darkness needle.

If you made such a sweet thing to come here and spend some time with me, why don’t you give me a hug, A-ya-to?” I say in the most seductive way.

His grin is even wider now as he gets up and I do the same, a little bit surprised he took the bait. His muscular arm take me in, holding me tight by my waist. His cologne is a nice combination of lavander and jasmine.

I loosen up a bit, giving in to this nice, protective arms, but the thought of Kazuki brings me back to my original plan. I take out the needle, but he catches my hand before I can do anything.

“And I thought we were having a good moment here?” he says a little bit of sadness in his voice.

I feel embarrassed for what I’ve done, but when I try to take my hand back his grip tightens, making me let go of the needle. It falls and pieces Ayato’s hand, he let out a horrific sound of pain as he looks at his hand. The darkness started to spread so he gives me an annoyed smile and leaves.

I fall on the chair sighing. I take the cup in front of me, completely forgetting that it tastes horrible as I end spitting it on the person who just sits down in front of me.

“Thea! Oh my Chuck. I’m so sorry. When did you get here?!”

The petite blonde in front of me wipes the coffee from her skin and clothes then looks at me with an amused figure.

“Tastes awfully doesn’t it? Vampires can’t digest human food and for you it has a disgusting flavor.”

“Not so loud! I know, but the human blood I’ve been given is not much better. It’s tasteless.”

“Why didn’t you say so. Let’s trade, I’ll give you my blood in exchange for this delicious coffee.” she says chuckling

I pass the mug to her as she discreetly cuts her hand and bleeds in another cup. I heal her hand and we both get to enjoy our drinks.

We get to know each other better. She has this sweet yet a little bit crazy character that makes you feel at ease. I tell her about my plans to make some Christmas shopping and she decides to tag along. We go to some store buy whatever we like, provided that my parents send me money every month and I don’t usually spend them, my credit card came in handy now.

Thea’s phone rings and she quickly answers. Her face changes, she was dead serious and mature, things I’ve never seen in her before. The call ends soon as she turns back to me.

“I’m sorry, Riya, but I really have to go to the other world. I really had a good time, let’s do this again okay?” she Says with a sad smile on her face.

“Yeah, sure. But are you okay?”

“Mhm, nothing bad happened yet, but I really have to go now.”

She waves at me before she started running in the opposite direction.

I decide to leave the shops too and head to Amy’s house. She must be worried sick, I didn’t get the chance to tell her what happened and I feel extremely bad for this.

I knock on the black wooden door and a lady in her mid 40’s opened the door. She was Gessel, Amy’s mother, a veterinarian, widow since her husband’s death ten years ago. She is like a second mother to me, since my parents were always in a different place I was always with a babysitter but then I’ve met Amy and her mother was kind enough to take care of me too.

When she saw me her eyes widen as she suddenly bows.

“Miss Shaan. Welcome to our home. I’m deeply sorry for the humble welcoming, I didn’t know you were to come here.”

“Oh, G. , please, I’m the same old Riya, not a princess from a fairytale”

She gets up, all covered in flour, now that I see her, I notice the house smells like biscuits.

“I’m glad you stayed the same.”she says pulling me into a hug.

She eventually lets me go and a give her the present I bought.

” Something I picked up thinking about you. I knew you’d making Christmas preparations.”I say smiling

” Riya! You know you didn’t have to. But if we’re at the giving part then Esthere and I got something for you too.”

“Esthere? What about Amy?”

“Well, Amy was taken by surprise a little, but let’s not think about this now, go get your present.”

I make my way to Amy’s room where I see Esthere sitting on the bed, reading some old book.

“Hi there!”I start, making my presence known

” Riya!”She yells, surprised to see me.

” Don’t hi there me! Where have you been?”

” Oh that’s a long story. Let’s just say that I had enough to do with vampires for my whole life.”

“Wow. That must a lot considering that you’re immortal.”

I look at her rethinking my statement but we both end up laughing. I take her and Amy’s presents out of my bag.

She smiled sincerely, receiving them, but by mistake she touches the ring from Kazuki.

” Am I hallucinating? Is it really a ring?”

” umm. I can’t think of a good enough excuse so can you find one?” I say laughing.

“No… It can’t be. The little lover boy proposed?”

“No.. It’s not that kind of ring… I think. I mean. No he didn’t ask me to marry him, it’s more like a promise ring.”

“Oh, I see why you’ve been so busy then.”she says chuckling.

She gives me a big black box, nicely decorated, I smile like a child opening it.

Inside is an very old Grimoire with a strange symbol on the cover. It was a red leather, something I’ve never seen.


I ran my finger across the symbol as the cross beneath the pentagram shines at my touch. The light red color was so powerful that I had to close my eyes for a second.

“Nice, but you know I’m not a witch right?”

“No shit, Sherlock. This is part of the ‘Unseen’ Grimoires. When you touched it the book responded and that red light means that the spells for Vampires inside are now available for you. Listen to me Riya, this is an extremely important book, you can’t imagine how old it is and how many sacrifices were made for it to exist. Don’t ever show this to anyone, learn the spells there and just those for now, okay? “

She is very serious, looking me in the eyes. I nodded slowly, without asking any more questions, because I knew she’d tell me when the right time comes.

Thank you very much, I can’t even imagine how hard it must’ve been for you to get this.”

Dont worry, but… just a small tip before you go, if you happen to come across a high member from the Taiyo or

Kage, mention the name to them, maybe they could help you.”

I give Esthere and her mother a hug before I head back to the household. There I greet the guards how let me in without a problem.

When I get back to my room, Kazuki is waiting for me. I go closer to him and hug him from the back. He puts his hand on mine, spinning me so I could face him. Kazu holds me by my shoulders looking at me with cold eyes.

Where have you been?! I searched for you everywhere!”

“I come in peace, bearing gifts.”i say trying to lighten the mood.

I go back to my bags and take out a huge yellow box with green dots and a big pink bow. It is childish, but now at least he has an amused face when he gets it from my hands. He unboxes it, just to find another smaller one then another and another and so on till he reaches the smallest.

Kazuki opens it to find a thumb silver ring. It had a cut in the middle till the half, the line ending with the blue water symbol. He is moved by the gift, I can see it his eyes.

Our lips come together once again in a lustful kiss. I give in letting him caress my back as I let my head rest on his chest. It feels safe, but I can’t help but think about Ayato’s hug from earlier. No! No, I’m not thinking about that! Never! Especially not now, when I’m in Kazu’s arms.

“I’m kind of tired, mind if we see each other later?” I say, trying to get my mind in another place

Kazuki just nods kissing my forehead and leaving the room. I quickly undress and go to the shower, just to see Ayato leaning on the makeup table with his hands crossed.

” What the hell are you doing here?!” I say trying to cover myself.

He just smirks, whispering:“You’re a real godness with this body, my lady.” in a low husky voice that sends chills down my spine. He dissappears leaving me completely confused.

I sigh, think of how messed up this all is.

When I wake up, it is already 5 pm. After Ayato left I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole situation I’m in. I must’ve fallen asleep on the bathroom floor, given of how tired I was.

There is a knock and I quickly open the door to see the old lady that helped me prepare last time. She had a glass of blood on a trey and a something big covered behind her.

“My apologies for coming here again, but dinner will be ready soon and I’m here to help you.” she says then comes in when I go inside.

I take a sip of the blood she gave me, but the taste was dull so I put the glass back on the table. She continues to make my hair and to dress me nicely. 

“Thank you.” I tell her as she takes her things and leave.

I look at myself in the mirror, the red dress was leaving my shoulders exposed, my hair was neatly brushed, falling on my back. I wear a pair of small heeled shoes that gave me at least some kind of stability.

I go upstairs as the I was instructed the enter a room guarded by two men that were undressing me with their eyes. I move my hands slightly making the air compress as they turned their heads like they were slapped.

I am the first one to arrive at the table, which is decorated with elegant candles on top of the black table cloth.

There are seven plates on the long table, every one has a nicely folded paper with our name on it, all except the one at the end of the table. I sit next to the nameless plate, Kazuki in front of me. On one side were the males and on the other the female. Next to me was my mother and at the end Kazuki’s grandmother.

Kazuki enters the room, in a full black suit, making my heart skip a bit or two when I see him. He smiles, kissing my cheek then going to his chair.

“How are you? Feeling better? You seemed a little off earlier.”he says squeezing my hand softly.

” I.. I’m fine”my words come out more like a whisper, but before he can ask me anything else his grandparents make an entrance.

They are glued to each other, looking around a bit, before their eyes meet again. I can clearly see the pure love and respect between them. I take my hand away from Kazuki’s, as he looks at me confused. They greet us, then my parents come in too.

My mother was clinging to my father’s arm. Her long black kimono is showing her very curve, while my father’s tuxedo made him look even more serious than he is, especially glaring at Kazuki.

They all sit down at the table as we wait for the leader to make his appearance. Then something takes me completely by surprise. Ayato come through that door with a pure white shirt and coat the single color being the blood red rose on.

They all stand up as I remain on my chair. They make a small bow in front of him as I quickly get up and do the same, without taking my eyes off from those icy blue ones.

“Please, sit down.” he says, probably referring to the others because he is still standing next to me.

“You must be the far-famed Riya.”he says, unlocking his eyes from mine for a second so he could take off the rose and offer it to me.

” I’m Ayato Shaan, it’s a great pleasure to finally meet you.”he says kissing my hand.

He wears white gloves, but I could see the black rush on his wrist. I smirk thinking that he couldn’t find a way to heal himself.

” The pleasure is all mine.”I say taking a sit.

Some servants come to serve the food. Some kind of blood soup with something in it that I didn’t ask about it for us, vampires and some kind of blue lobster with other things that I didn’t know about for the rest.

I didn’t really eat much because I hated the taste and Kazuki looked at me apologetic. We interfere our fingers, but suddenly Ayato’s hand makes it’s way to my thigh without anyone seeing.

He moves his hand slowly on it, at first he starts at my knee then climbs his way up, making me blush in a very dark shade of red. I try to move it with my hand, but he squeezes it making me bite my lip.

He moves a little bit higher, almost touching my prive zone, but I stop him by adding more darkness to his wound. He removes his hand showing me a bitter smile, then he clears his throat.

“Riya, I heard a lot of things about your powers. Do you mind if we test them to see what you can do?” he asks, waiting for my answer.

“Now?” I ask more than glad to get it over with 

“No. Let’s have a sparing session, tomorrow morning. At 9 at the water pounds in the garden?”

“I can’t wait for it.”i Say but I couldn’t hide my excitement.

I am so ready to kick his ass.

Next morning I wake up early, around 8 am, and get straight to the shower. I get dressed in some t-shirt and a pair

of sport shorts, put my hair in a high ponytail then head to the garden.

There are my parents and Kazuki’s gramps watching something. I get closer, just to see Kazuki and Ayato already fighting. The fist one with some blood dripping from his mouth and the last one with serious marks on his legs and arms.

“What’s happening?”I ask my mother taking her a little further away.

Ayato and Kazuki wanted to make a demonstration.”she says analizing me.

Oh. Really now? Those two are like small kids.”

So… Which one?”she smirks too enthusiastic

“Which one what?” I ask a little bit confused

Which one is your lover?”

I want to answer but I can’t. I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Mom looks at me with pity in her eyes, probably understanding the situation.

Kazuki” I finally say, my voice trembling thing that didn’t really convinced my mother

Yes? Then what about yesterday? The leader’s hands were all over you.”

You-you saw that?” I say blushing till my ears

She gives me a soft smile and hugs me.

“I know it’s hard but you will have to make a decision.”

“Yes… I will.”I finally say as we go back to the rest.

The boys finished their fight, Kazuki pretty much losing, but I guess it was somehow to be expected because Ayato is after all the leader of the clan.

” Ready for the fight, my lady? “he says making me showing him the best death glare I have.

” Hmf. What’s with the nickname? “asks Kazuki holding me by my waist.

” Don’t let him get to you, I’m sure you can win.”he continues, kissing my lips softly.

I give him a small smile then go closer to Ayato. I hold my guard up as fire escapes my hands. I step even closer making the earth in front of me crack. He easily dodges, jumping in the air, ready to attack me but I manage dodge too.

What is his power anyway? I probably should’ve ask that before accepting this fight. He is ready to hit my thigh but I fall to the ground and catch his leg. I use the air to get up but my grip loosens for a second, time when he takes my arm and frees himself. I am ready to launch another attack but I feel something attaching to my leg, holding me back. I make a huge ball of fire around me, hoping to free my leg but I’m still stuck. Then I feel another thing holding my other leg and one arm.

Ayato was smirking seeing how I couldn’t walk anymore.

“Got stuck, my lady?” he asks as I finally figured out what is his power.

“Not at all. But I got to admit, I didn’t guessed you were the type who plays with puppets”

He is a puppeteer, I can slightly see golden strings that are holding my limbs. I can’t escape no matter how hard I try and this makes me feel pathetic.

His eyes darken, lifting me in the air, about eight or ten meters high and I didn’t understand what he is aiming for.

Suddenly my legs and arms were free as I am free falling. Really now, Ayato? You should know better. I send a wave of darkness before compressing the air under me and getting on the ground safely.

I was about to say something when I see Ayato collapsed on the ground and Kazuki hit by a little bit of darkness too. My eyes widen at the thing I’ve done as some healers come to see why Ayato isn’t recovering.

“What… What have I done?” I mumble, shaking as they took them both to some infirmary.

My parents and Kazuki’s grandparents are looking at me, shaken by what just happened too.

I run to the infirmary where I hear two healers talk.

“She really is a monster! Just like her grandfather.”

Huh? My grandfather? What do they mean?

“They will both die soon. I wonder who will be the next leader.”says one of them, making my heart skip a beat  

“Anyone but her. She’s degenerated.”comments the other

“Our poor leader, he requested everyone to leave him alone.”

“It’s normal, he just wants to die with dignity.”

“And her lover too. He even started crying.”

I make my presence known by slamming the door. They take a step back then go back to their files. I can see the room where Kazuki is, guarded by one man and Ayato’s guarded by three people and decorated with flowers and silver objects.

I think for a second then go to a door. Of course I am stopped, for them I’m the girl who tried to kill their leader.

“Go to hell.”says a man not letting me pass

” I’ve been there, but they sent me back. “I say pushing him away entering the room

He is laying in bed, his eyes closed and her figure visibility weakened. This makes a tear fall on my cheek. I get closer to the bed, taking his hand in mine. I start healing him as he slowly opens his eyes. He mutters something, but I didn’t understand what.

“Shh. It’s okay. You’ll be okay.”i say but my voice was breaking.

My hands are going from a dark purple to a black, giving me an unbearable pain. I bite my lip to hold a scream but it was slowly fading. When I finished all the darkness was gone and he looks at me with the usual smirk.

” Better? “I ask checking if I missed anything.

” A lot. But you know what would make me feel better? “he says the he pulls me into a kiss quickly.

I melt under his touch. Those lips smiling when I return the kiss. Suddenly realization hits me.

” No.. Ayato! Stop! “I say taking a step back.

” What’s worng, my lady? You seemed to enjoy it.”he says proudly grinning

I am as red as a tomato when I leave to room, almost running. I go into Kazuki’s room with my heart beating

madly from the things which happened before.

” Riya, what happened? Are you okay? “ asks Kazu in a low voice, probably very affected by the darkness that was consuming him

“Yes. Let me heal you.”I say putting my hands on his back where I hit him.

I finish quickly because the wound wasn’t too wide. He smiles and takes my hand in his, kissing me like nothing else matters. I’m not too responsive so I step away making him confused.

” I..”

As luck is on my side, Kazuki’s grandparents enter the room, interrupting me. Before anyone can say anything I go running to room, this vampire speed helping me reach the room in seconds.

I start crying as a small knock makes me look at the door. I wipe my tears the I just use the air control to open it for Kazuki to come in.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong? Did Ayato do something to you?”

“No, everything’s fine. I just needed to think a little.”

“What are you hiding, Riya? I can see that’s not the truth!” he says rising his voice.

I’m not hiding anything! I just don’t want to talk right now!” I yell making him even angrier

You don’t wanna talk? Riya, you’ve been avoiding me since we got here. Do you really think I’m so stupid?!”

“I need some time alone too? I can’t be glued to you every single moment!” my eyes widen realizing what I just


“Huh. If that’s what you belive then fine. Enjoy your time ‘alone’.”he says slamming the door.

Perfect! Just perfect! I fall on the bed staring at the celling.

” How messed up can this be?! One moment I tremble in fear then I almost kill to people. I kiss Ayato then I reject Kazuki.” I say to myself, without realizing I was actually talking loud.

Someone clears their throat making me stand up in a second.

“Ayato! You should learn how to knock!”

“Why? This way I can hear you talking about me.”

I turn my head, unable to look in his eyes. He gets closer to me, putting a hand very low on my back and the other on my cheek. I get lost in his dazzling eyes when he pulls me even closer, his lips crashing on mine.

He puts me on the bed, his hands exploring on my body the he starts to kiss my jawline, getting down on the neck then the collar bone as on of his hands passes through my sensible spot, but moves quickly back to my legs.

I groan switching places, me being on top now. I let my tongue explore his mouth as my hand makes its way from his nipples to his abs then in his pants. He is already getting harder, my touches making him throb. He puts his hands on my chest and my ass. I was ready to unzip his pants when I remembered my fight with Kazuki from minutes ago. I push Ayato to a wall as my words come out more like a growl then human talking.

“Get out. Now!”

He is surprised and looks me in the eye, like he didn’t understand what I meant.

“Ayato! We can’t do this!” I say trying to take a deep breath 

“Why?! Why do you keep rejecting me?!” he yells getting closer to me again

“Because I already have a boyfriend and I’m not a cheater!” I yell back taking a step closer too

“You know. When you first pushed me away, I thought I should just let go. Then I kept thinking about you so I believed it was because I’ve never been rejected before but you know what I realized today? I started to fall for you!” he confesses, but it is obvious that he is surprised by his own words too as Ayato takes a step back.

“Get out.” I whisper and so he does.

I fall on the ground letting all the feelings unleash, not knowing what to do.

I start packing, putting everything I need in my backpack, just some clothes, my phone and charger, the grimoire the Esthere gave me and some blood that is on my nightstand. I put the ring from Kazuki on the bed then go running, hoping they will be better off without me.

More to come soon…

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