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Ben X Asher

By @_Asher_Clay_Jaxkson

The grand ball

Pov. Asher,

“Asher! Come here!” said my mother screaming like she was getting killed. “Comeing mama!” i yanked my covers off of me, Rushing toward her. “Yes!?” i opened her bathroom door. She was straighten her hair. “W-where’s the robber?” she chuckled. “There ain’t no robber silly!” my face dropped. “Well, look’s like i don’t need this bat after all..” i dropped it, it made an loud thump. “Asher, sweety…i have something i need to tell you…” she stopped doing her hair. My eye’s looked at her. As if she was an famous “movie star” saying something wise to me. “Go ahead, i am always listening..” her hands slide onto my shoulder. “I know you like video games, And you’ve been a very good girl. So!” she walked passed me, unlocked her weird looking “treasure” box. My eyes widen. “Call of duty!?” she nodded her head. “Thank you!,” i jumped up and down in happniess. She smiled big. “My little princess…” she messed up my hair. I playfully glared. “Mama! Your embrassing me!” i laughed.

Pov. Ben,

“Benjamin!” my mother screamed from the kinchen. I didn’t hear her from my head set but i could hear some weird high pitch sound. “Hm..?” i took them off. “BENJAMIN LAWMAN!! YOU BETTER NOT HAVE YOUR HEAD SET’S ON AGAIN!” she yelled. My eyes widen. “S-shoot!” i thru them onto my bed, turning off my xbox. “Comeing mother!” i yelled back. I ran down stairs. (almost fallingT^T) “you had your head sets on didn’t you~” said seria. My sister. Whispering behind me. My eyes widen. “Shush!” i glared. She smirked. “Nah,~ unless you give me your soda tonight at the grand ball~” she winked. I blushed. “T-thats tonight?” i stuttered. “Well, yeah! Your suppose to find your mate~” she stupidly done some weird kissing sounds. (chills brah, chills…) “Benjamin! Get some good closthes on! You ain’t going looking like you just got back from a mission!” she face plaimed. “B-but i think i-i look good like this mom.” seria Tched. “SHUT UP!” i screamed. She laughed “make me princess~” my anger boiled my vains. “SERIA LAWMAN!” mom shouted. She flitched. “Yes mom?!” she stood up to an sult. “Stop teasing your brother..” (HAHA! TAKE THAT!) “f-fine..”

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