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Before the Big Bang

By @LastChance

A new concept

Before the big bang

Disclaimer: I have no formal education in advanced physics or high level mathematics so my ideas contain no proof or basis inn facts. All I know about the subject came from watching The Science Channel and such shows as “How the Universe Works” and “Space’s Deepest Secrets”. My work here can probably be considered science fiction.

Science has accepted the theory of the big bang. It is the origin of the universe according to most scientists. One thing they cannot explain or even agree on is what existed before the big bang. There are many ideas – none of them has reached the level of theory and every astrophysicist and cosmologist has his/her own idea. I propose a new idea.

As I understand it, whenever a mathematical solution to conditions or events in the universe results in infinity as one of the answers, there is a mistake in the equation or in the mathematics leading to the solution. One of the best examples is encountered when scientists or mathematicians try to describe what happens deep within a black hole (the singularity). Mass becomes infinite, gravity becomes infinite, energy becomes infinite…etc. This seems to indicate a problem with the initial theories about how a black hole behaves. The same problem occurs when attempts are made to describe the conditions at the beginning of the big bang. The answers to the equations resolve to infinity.

My concept looks at these “infinity” solutions as fact. Before the big bang was the GREAT INFINITY as I decided to call it. In this region all measurements, conditions and forces are infinite. Distances are infinite; energy levels are infinite; mass becomes infinite; gravity becomes infinite… etc. even the speed of light becomes infinite. Probability is infinite as well. When anything goes into a black hole it is returned to the GREAT INFINITY.

Infinite probability suggests an infinite number of universes could exist – each arising from a big-bang-like occurrence. These big bangs could happen when one or more of the infinite conditions or forces intersects a probability where at least one of the forces encounters a limit. The limit ends the infinity of that force and a universe is created wherein that force or condition is the primary controller of the universe. In the case of our universe, that is the speed of light. In other universes the limited controller could be gravity, mass, or any other force or condition existing in the GREAT INFINITY.

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