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Be Not Proud

By @Saja_sbh

Be not proud

Of the complex 1 2 3’s you’ve made real.

Of the imaginary “i” of the set “you”.

Be not proud

Of the bruises on your hands when they reached for burning light

Because your soul is a pledge of heavens.

“Be not proud” they say

Be not proud of the X’s that define you

Y’s and when’s

Maybe Z’s.

Be not proud

Three words

Ten letters

One meaning:


I say I’m burning this house of nightmares to the ground because it seems that the world gets bigger and bigger

Because it seems that there’s more space for dreams.

Because I’ve seen glints of the cosmos in the imaginary “i” of the set “me”.

Be alot proud

That the ink you use to strike through the word ” fear ” is actually made of star dust.

That you’ve colored a capital N aside a capital O red and said:

NO biggie!

To all the ” be not proud “s.

That you filled your lungs with gas of faith and screamed on top of a mountain ” I am here! “

Because on top of the mountain is where you belong

Where you always belong

And will always be

I guess i had to snap onto the hitches of your mumbling minds

Chew my fear and swallow my pain

Trying to protect my imaginary “i” from your poisonous rain..

Yet you can still hear the birds chirp and the kids laugh

Because look at me now

I know you can’t look at me now

Because remember?

I have scars on my hands for reaching burning light

The one your eyes now burn if they see

Because inside your mind you chose to be not proud

And it made you mutter in utter

And suffer

Sometimes being alone is better than letting you in

Because barriers are your best friends

And you thought a little introducing is Okay.

So you translated this encounter into three words:

Be not proud

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