back to you.

By @kawiwonders
back to you.

It was all coming back to her, the memories, the moments, the pain, the suffering, the past. The moment she stood in front of everything which reminded her of him, she knew she's in a big trouble. But what would happen if everything she knew about before, was all a lie? What would happen if everything was actually a lie? Including herself. Would she accept it? Or live a life full of lies just to experience comfort. She doesn't know what to do, but he did.

Chapter 1


Summer of 1987, the kids were all strolling the parks of Central Park, running & shouting all around, waiting for them to catch each other. Everything was surprisingly tranquil. There was a beautiful view right in front of their eyes, a warm & perfect weather to cozy up their moods, the sounds of birds chirping all around. It seemed like a safe haven, or so they thought. More than having a comfortable place surrounding you, calmness can really truly be felt when it happens inside of you. The problem? Her heart. It was pounding like crazy, similar to how her mother used to pound on her door when she would unusually lock it at the age of 14. 

Seeing the tall tree in front of her eyes made her feel 16 again, & it ached. The memories, dreams, & feelings came back to her the moment she stood in front of the park, & now, as she visits the tree, she broke. She thought to herself to not break down & be firm, just this once, or else it would finally define her state right now: the girl who can’t ever move forward. 

She was falling deep into her thoughts when a little kid accidentally hit her side abdomen whilst running. “I am sorry, ma’am! I didn’t mean to hit you.” He apologized immediately after feeling the females’ body bump him. She smiled, saying, “No worries, kid. It’s an accident. Why were you running anyway?”. She thought that the kid was pretty cute, which made her want to keep the conversation going. “Those kids right there are trying to catch me & alternately slap me in the face! I don’t wanna be slapped, please don’t slap me ma’am!” he said, sounding a bit more timid to her. She instantly grew alarmed & nearly enraged with what she heard, & went near the kids. On the way to the other side of the park, where the bad kids were playing, she felt the boy tugging her dress, making her want to go back to where they were before because of fear filling the little boys’ body. She didn’t care; all she knew was that this boy will not experience what she had experienced before. The little boy was still keenly & rapidly tugging her dress more as they get nearer & nearer at the boys when a person stopped right in front of her. 

“Uhm, excuse me?” she scoffed, making it too obvious that she was furious. She looked up to see the person who was very impertinent to stop right in front of a lady, who was actually skipping. 

“Hey.” he said. It made her heart stop beating & made her eyes halt at the sight of him. He’s here, she thought. “Mind giving my kid back to me?”, he spoke once again, & her heart fluttered again. His voice still has this certain effect on her that makes her blood boil inside her skins. It has been 7 years after they spent most of their time promising to never leave each other, & eventually breaking it in months. Sure, she missed him, but the pain came back the moment her eyes landed on his soft brown eyes. Kid?, she thought. She instantly looked at the boy who bumped her earlier & looked at her first love & back to the kid. That is why he was so cute in her eyes, it was her first & only loves’ child, the only person who could actually break her this intense. & that was it. The moment he said those words, that is when she knew it was really done. 

“Well better take care of your child, a gang of children wanted to slap him. Take care of him. You know what? No, take care of the people around you” she said making it sound too obvious that she was pertaining to herself. After saying those words that she didn’t think through first before saying, she turned around to leave. She wanted to leave first, primarily because it was her time now. She leaves first. 

The moment her right foot stepped at the end of the park, a tear fell from her left eye; symbolizing pain, like what they all said. But it was true, she was in pain. That was the guy she loved & still loves. & he is not just some normal typical cool guy now, he is a father. A father of a very nice & respectful little boy. Her chances grew lower & lower at a very fast rate, deciding that she will not have her love anymore to herself. In those 7 years, she told herself many times that maybe, they can not be together right now, & that time will decide for the right moment for them to finally be back together. But all those thoughts, they vanished. 

She never knew this day would come, the day where she saw the love of her life once again. She ran back to her new apartment, just down the street, in front of the park. It was once their park.

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