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Awry Fairytale

By @tiffani_kane74


A long time ago in a far away land,

Lived a beautiful girl and a beautiful man

They lived in a mansion of extravagance and class, 

And promised their love with small rings of brass

Nothing but bliss filled both of their souls,

And together they made one another whole

But the catch with the beautiful girl and the man,

Is that their story is fake and deliberately planned

Or so thought the girl that flipped through the pages, 

Of the fairytale book that she’s had for ages

She remembers back when she was so young,

Of how she dreamt of meeting the one

But now that she’s older and filled with experience, 

She knows that the story wasn’t meant to be serious 

For her heart has been stressed and brutally wrecked,

From pumping out love and receiving neglect 

And although the girl has been emptied and broke,

She still reads the book and continues to hope 

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