telia: 01 kitchen (a role play for readers)

By @ashantythegreat111

telia: 01 kitchen (a role play for readers)

By @ashantythegreat111

you are a normal 15 year old normal person, but so lazy. one day you drinked more than 50 gallons of milk and went to sleep, heard a loud sound and some whispering, you went there and you found a stranger, you ran outside for help because you found it weird, but you found zombies, the only thing you have to choose is if you stay with the stranger or get eaten by zombies!! what you do? :o

Chapter 1

01: kitchen

you wake up at 6:00 AM because you were hungry, you went to the kitchen.

“oh david and thomas, l need some milk.” you said and opened the fridge. you grabbed the milk and drinked it like you were a Insouciant.

a few minutes passed, and you take a other gallon, the milk ran by your chin, but you didn’t care.

you drinked 30 gallons of milk and went to bed, you acted like you didn’t left a gallon on the floor and went lazy like to your bed.

a few minutes passed and you heard something down stairs, like you even care, you a insouciant so you just stood there on your bed.

“oh, yes, yeeees! honey mixed with milk taste good!!” a voice said.

“oh no, noooo! someone is robbing me!” you said and went down stairs with a bat, you tip tap toe to the kitchen, and peeked, you didn’t see anything so you dropped the bat and left to go upstairs, you heard a “the wheels on the bus go round and round” and looked behind you, you found a little girl with long black hair, and a dress walking around with your favorite secret-forever teddy bear.

“what on earth??? let go noal now you little mucus!” you said and grap the bat and try to hit her, she starting crying and hived you noal back.

“who are you? how you got here? how you got my teddy bear? how you got in? l calling the police!!!” you said and went outside but the door was closed but two tall dudes, you asked for ‘help! a criminal is on my house.” and the men turn around.

“ah-ZOMBIES!” you said and started running, what you will do? stay inside with the little stranger or get eaten?

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