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Area 51

By @MeaningfulMee

Area 51

The air hung heavy on the 20th September 2019 in Lincoln,Nevada. Thousand of curious and rebellious souls stood outside the gates of Area 51. All of them there for the same reasons as I, to get the truth that our generation has been asking for and to get a little alien buddy cos after going alien hunting its surprisingly hard to find a boyfriend.

We stood 10,000 men and women strong chanting “WE WANT E.T, WE WANT E.T” over and over again. They had more guns then I had ever seen all ready to fire, helicopters were flying over us and soldiers were telling us to be scared but we were anything but we had the power of god and anime on our side and that was good enough for us.

We knew that if we just Naruto ran, no bullets can hurt us. With this in mind we all leaned forward put our hands behind or backs and ran.

The guns began to fire people yelping out in pain as they hit the ground, blood covered and broken but they didn’t mind they were willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of society, they where going to die as tik-tok royalty and that is the most honorable way to go.

The wounded took out their phones to post one more meme before their time was up. It was at this moment when I saw how truly righteous the human specific is. From that moment on I understood that although we have created two world wars, capitalism, sexism, racism, classicism, religiousness exclusion, the hard right ideology, global warming, and so many more disgusting things, that we are all good people deep down because we are willing to die for the perfect selfie and that is truly selfie-less.

I was scared that I would be as dead as vine before I reached it but I persisted because the words of our savior stuck with me, “E.T phone..home”

I had to save him, all E.T wanted to do was phone home but the government we’re testing on him trying to find out were E.T’s home truly was. They were treating him awfully he didn’t ever have WiFi how can someone be so cruel, forget about gun laws and the so call important fights, E.T deserves better.

So with fire in my heart and anime in my head I Naruto ran faster then ever before. I was running fast then any meme star had before and the government missed me as I crossed over the fence along with some other brave fighters, we had proven it the age long belief that the internet isn’t always right is complete stupidity , this time like ever other time it was very accurate,

“They couldn’t stop all of us”

The sixty of us remaining had proven this.

Full of pride us sixty which turned into forty as we forgot that they could shot us once we were in the grounds walked up the the bunker and opened the door, this was it we all knew this that the answers we had all been waiting for, “do aliens know how to use microwaves at 3 A.M” and “what E.T’s phone number is” were right behind that door .

We pulled open the door revealing the answers to all our memes and what we saw was one moment that I will never forget.

As we opened the door electric sounds filled up the dark room flashes of green lights lit up the room ever few seconds, we had it.

Inside area 51 was ……. a massive male strip club with all the big guns in it. Hilary Clinton stared at the cast of magic mike with such beauty along with Lady Gaga and Selena Gomez . Although we had answered the worlds question a part of us was disappointed in the results as far as we could see there was no aliens to be seen.

Just was we were about to go and check area 52 I felt a tugging on my anime t shirt, I turned around to see a small wrinkled figure standing behind me. At first I thought it was him, E.T then I released that it was just Micheal D Higgins and in a small voice he said,

“M.D need…hot spot”

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