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By @Joyous_One

I never had that body

I am a bit pasty with pink undertones

With marks on my body

Surly I am not the same

But you could make me feel the same

How come now we so far

Come on now, bring yourself over

Be that man I always loved

I bet you can

Just deliver it man

I **** love you

But how come I feel less now

Why won’t you bow

Just for me

Man let’s just be

Let’s turn this leaf over and flutter away

Back into each other’s hearts

Baby can’t we just be okay

Along in this new part

Come on over, I’ll make it better

With everything I have

I’ll be braver

I won’t cave

Baby I am yours

Now treat me like I am yours

So we can move along

With our song

All of me remember

Let’s get this done in September

It will be official

Make me feel special

Even with my pasty pink undertones

And marks

Come love me and let’s never be apart

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