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Apartment 13D

By @jesuisallie

One: A Chance Encounter

Their story began unremarkably. Like most of us, a dozen unremarkable incidents occurred to bring two people together. But once they had been brought together, they managed to change the worlds.

It all began in a dank apartment. Old, worn out, obviously musty and decades past its prime. Two young women were neighbors. Both beautiful, both living alone, and both simply living their lives. Veronica, the blonde living in the corner end apartment kept receiving her mail delivered directly to her door. It was such an odd occurrence, but benign, and she couldn’t understand who was taking the time to hand deliver her mail. One day, Veronica was getting ready to leave for the day when she almost bumped into a man in his 50’s standing outside her door. Surprised, he asked where the guy who lives in this apartment had gone? She didn’t know who he could possibly be talking about, made her apologies and hurried him on his way. You could see he was genuinely perplexed as he drove away. While outside on her apartment’s walkway balcony, Olivia, the neighbor three doors down popped outside. They greeted each other and over the next several weeks became fast friends. They did everything together, shopping, dinner, and movies. They even got matching haircuts at one point. They each had a distinctive wardrobe. Veronica wearing only black, and Olivia wearing only white. Their friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship, and they wildly and quickly fell in love. 

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