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Always Together, Never Alone

By @Me-the-Rookie

The smell of smoke and the sight of cinders drifting through the air. That was the moment I realized what you’d done.

I broke out into a run towards the house, the house I feared would be engulfed in flames. My body grew warmer as I neared and my heart dropped to my stomach as my eyes came to rest on the sight before me. Your house once white and pristine now engulfed in angry red and orange flames, the white paneling now painted black with ash. For a moment, I could only stare at the sight before me, heat hitting my face as I watched ash and cinders swirl against the dark night sky above.

Then I ran.

I ran hard and fast into the heat and flames, my tears the only things cooling my cheeks as I ran to the room where I knew you would be. Lungs burning I came to the door, it looked untouched, almost peaceful in this sea of flames.

Hope that I may find you untouched just like this door burst into my heart as I launched myself through it and into your once precious study.

Bookshelves lined the walls but where there were once books there were now flames. My panicked eyes scanned the room trying to find you, eventually ending up resting on your calm form standing before your massive desk.

The surprised look on your face when you saw me was one I would never forget. As I ran to you I could see your tears fall and you yelled at me to get out. I remember taking your hand and trying to drag you out with me but I was always the weaker one and you didn’t budge an inch from your spot. I kept trying anyways all the while yelling at you over the sounds of the crackling flames. My lungs burned and my eyes stung but still you didn’t waver.

Eventually I remember you tugging my hand back forcing me to face you. I turned to you and what you did next I will never forget.

You brought your hands up and cupped my face, brushing my tears away with the pads of your thumbs.

“It’s okay,” you said to me “it’s okay”.

You then smiled, removing your hands from my face and gently pushing me back towards the door. I knew what you were doing, I knew how you were feeling and as I stepped back, I’m ashamed to admit it, I almost left you there. As I continued backing up towards the door, I almost left you there, watching as you fell to your knees head hung and ready.

But I couldn’t leave. I refused to leave you there. Refused to let you believe that you were alone in this world. That no one had loved you for as long as you were alive. Because you were wrong. You weren’t alone, and I loved you and I was determined to make sure you knew that until the end. So, I came back to you. I crouched beside your compact frame and wrapped my arms around you. I wasn’t going to let you feel alone anymore.

I knew you wanted me to leave, but as the flames grew bigger and the foundations started to creak we both knew it was too late for us. I was oddly calm though as I crouched there holding you, I felt at peace hugging you, holding you close to me reassuring you that you weren’t alone. Making sure you knew I would always be right there beside you and as we approached our final moments I felt your hand gently grasp mine as we both took our final breaths.


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