All My Days

By @Joyous_One

All My Days

By @Joyous_One

Just young love, love and more love. ( I'm almost getting annoyed with my puppy love poems but this are still more to come.)

Chapter 1

Monday, April 6, 2015 8:50PM

I love you so

Today, tomorrow and forevermore

Always shall I think of you

And the gold you have on me

Is like gold

Just know forevermore you’re within my heart

Like a little scar or beauty mark upon the center

So never wonder, falter about our love

As it runs deep into our souls

I love you so

Forevermore my love

My forever you are ———- You and I until the end of time ( maybe scratch the last two lines and end it with this)

Shall it be, forever you and me

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