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Alien life

By @LEO437

My family

So before I begin let me describe a bit of my family and I believe that my family is the reason why I am so weird. Well to begin with my mother’s side is from east India my father’s side is from west India and well I am born in central India i.e. we all are from different states, and that is the reason why haven’t seen two states because I don’t believe it could have been more realistic that my family. Well not only are the family are from different states but almost nothing about them is common except a few things like; they both are human, both are born in India and hmm well that pretty much ends it..

My mother’s side is super extroverted and most of them were businessman and my mother becoming the first to choose science and choose engineering while my father’s side is mostly introverted and agriculturalist with a huge farm, tractor and all and my father the first in family to choose science and choose engineering.(That is one of rare things common in my mother and father). In my family I have actors, doctors, CAs, teacher, engineers, businessman well pretty much all of these and you can sort of wonder what kind of circus it becomes when all the family members meet or will meet together.

My mother’s side is high on parties, functions, festivals and all and meeting together espicially my mama whose house feels kind of headquarter to me as he is as he is highly social in his city(it is not nice and I am thankful to that maybe) and many of the people come to his house to have meetings and to also add the fact that he holds a function atleast once a year in which all the family members(mostly of mother’s side) come together and come to our house. Well many of the live in hotels cause although my mama’s house is huge it’s not that big and my mother’s side is very huge.

My father’s side is relatively less introverted partly because maybe they live in village and partly because that is their nature but he is too like the village headman and well I am also confused, leave it

Not only that my own family(which consist of me, mother, father, and my little sister) is also super strange. My father is introverted and those not like parties, functions so much with a few exceptions whereas my mother is highly extroverted. There are also other differences but I just don’t want to put everything together. My sister and I also have almost nothing in common except the fact we both are humans. My sister is the type of girl who loves outdoor activities and does not like to stay in the house, has high obsession for cleanliness and order whereas I am the kind who does not care how things are kept until you can find the things that you want (personally I find it easier to find it in a messier room that a organised one), and also the person who likes to do more of indoor activity like reading and writing so I find it a wonder that our family is under one roof (no no not everyone just mother, father sis and me if the whole family is under one roof then it will be largest circus ever seen) Well these two families are becoming confusing so I will call the family whom I live family A.

Well this is a bit about my family and well I promise its much more weird further on

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