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Alien life

By @LEO437

My birth

Okay let me introduce to myself, means that’s generally how a book starts right? Maybe, cause some books starts from last and then come back to the starting called flashback style; and I do like them if they are not confusing, which it is pretty much most of the times. So, before I begin let me say this book is the pretty much most weird books that you shall have read it’s the story of my life means and it is so weird that I often think to myself “Leo are you an alien?” means seriously the incidents are so weird, strange that this cannot definitely happen in a normal person’s life. What? Who is Leo? Man, seriously it’s my name and please don’t ask why the name is short or why did I keep it.

Seriously do you keep your names on your Earth over here our parents, uncles and all the grown-up people do and the problem is that if they keep your name something weird then you are pretty much out of luck for at least your school days. I am glad to have a name that’s a little decent and easy to say, means in my school I had some people whose name were

Park Jurrasic, Chris Bacon and some that were so hard to pronounce that I just used to say to them fatty, skinny, tally means based on how they looked like. What? Do you want to hear some names? Ok I will try to remember some. Tchakmakjan , Aradjanjan , Arutjunjan. means you know like this so I was pretty much okay with my name.


My weirdness started with the fact that I was not crying when I came out, okay I know the thing is babies cry to get some oxygen and all but I was not and no I was not laughing either, means why the hell would you laugh when you came out of a nice place to a place full of strange people who look at you ,smile, and pull your cheeks so hard and you are not allowed to do any thing which you like to. I think that is the real reason why babies cry is that they know they can’t control the next 18 years of their life the way they want. Yup that’s the reason no arguments for that. I came out like not crying because I did not like making noise at the first time I came out but there was nothing to be happy about to so I just taught I will come out like I am sleeping so people will not trouble me. I seriously don’t know the hell why the doctors starting beating me, means can’t a person relax, and man it really hurted me and I seriously didn’t know then that as soon as I started crying my mother (yes I knew that cause that mother smell comes to the babies, you don’t remember it when you grow up) my mother started clapping and was looking happy. Seriously who the hell are you? were my thoughts that time, and then my father came (yes we know that father smell too!!)

And he also started looking at me. After a hour of my crying they were satisfied and then I went to sleep and I was thankful that no one disturbed me that time.

Okay so this was my birth and the thoughts I had that time and now I realize that we have to cry next time we come out to not get a beating.(I just have to put that in my super long term memory). I don’t know how all the babies know that and I didn’t; maybe I was not paying attention when the classes were going on for things to do when you come out when I was in my previous life or whatever you believe in.

Okay after my journey of being born I was pretty much weird that time also I think. I was that kind of person who would sleep during the afternoon to wake up at night and I would find it annoying they had put me in some kind of thing which was called cradle and then I used to shout loudly but I don’t know why the grown up used to think I was crying and then swing the cradle. People, they don’t understand that I want to get out of the cradle not be inside it but the swinging would put me to sleep.

Maybe the fact I woke up at night was also due to the fact when me and my parents used to go to watch the thing they would say movie, I would be sleeping when the lights were ON and the movie was about to start and as soon as the lights went OFF I would wake up, I actually liked the darkness but I would see that I wasn’t able to roam around and then I would start screaming but again the parents thought I was crying and they would lead me out but still would not allow me to roam freely.

These are some of my thoughts till I was a infant well I don’t remember much cause I am a human technically.


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