Alice Returns

By @Trix1009

Alice Returns

By @Trix1009

In this story-in-the-making, Alice revisits Wonderland, looking for her purpose and sense of self. She learns things about herself that she never knew, and never wanted to. She also finds that Wonderland has greatly changed since she's been gone.

Chapter 5

Chapter 4 (In Progress)

She was falling. Falling back through the rabbit hole. How did she get back here? What had happened? Who was that man? So many questions swirled around Alice’s head, all ones she had no answer to.

   She kept falling. It seemed like she would never stop. Things flew past her. But this time, they weren’t random things from Wonderland, they were memories from her past. A flower crown, a stuffed white bunny, a picture of her sister and mother, endlessly flew at her. How was this happening? More questions.

   Finally, she landed in a clearing in the woods. It was the same clearing that she had first landed in.

“Welcome back, Alice.” said a familiar voice. As she turned around, she saw him. Same man, same suit, same mask. The white rabbit.

“What am I doing back here?” Alice asks the mysterious man. “Wasn’t I just here?”

“Weren’t we all?” He replies vaguely. He wasn’t making sense to Alice. His words swirled around her head as the world swam in-front of her eyes. Everything became hasey, like his words had cast a spell on her.

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