Adopted by you

By @ScarScar04
Adopted by you

A girl is being abused by her foster mom. She was put in foster care at the age of two, so she doesn’t know her parents. One day she gets adopted by Sebastian Stan. How will her life be with him, and will her past come back to haunt her?

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Chapter 1

Meeting you

I ran and ran. Ms.Rulldin was chasing me with a paddle. I had woken up two minutes late, and she was going to spank me a bunch. She’s given me black eyes. Broken bones, spanked me, and I couldn’t handle it anymore. So, I ran out of the foster house.

I was running and looking over my shoulder when I ran into a man.

Me: I’m so sorry.

Man: It’s ok. Who were you running from?

Me: My foster mother. She was going to hurt me again, and I… well I…

Man: Are you okay?

Me: No. I’m scared. I don’t want hurt to hurt me ever again.

Man: Who are you staying with?

Me: Ms.Rulldin.

Man: Do you mind taking me to her?

Me: Sure.

I took the man to my house. Something about him made me feel safe, and I don’t know why. The second we got there Ms.Rulldin started yelling at me and tried to hit me, but the man immediately pulled me behind him.

Man: I want to adopt her.

Ms.R: Fine. I’ll go get the paperwork, although I don’t know why anyone would want to adopt her.

She leaves to go get the paperwork and you go pack your stuff.

Once you get in the car the man decides to introduce himself.

Man: Hi. My name is Sebastian Stan, and I’m a famous actor.

Me: Wow that’s cool. I’m Scarlett, and I love sports and art.

Seb: How old are you Scarlett?

Me: I’m 13.

Seb: Well, why don’t we go home?

Me: Ok.

We make it home, and I am so surprised about how big it is.

Seb: Here is your room. I know it’s boring, but I wanted you to decorate it how you wanted it.

Me: Thank you Seb. Can I call you Seb?

Seb: Sure.

He smiles.

Seb: I want you to meet the cast of the movie I am working on. It’s called the Avengers.

Me: Sure. That would be cool. When do you want me to meet them?

Seb: Tomorrow we can go to the beach. They can come with us.

Me: Sure.

At dinner Scarlett helped him with the dishes, and then got ready for bed. Scarlett had a nightmare and Sebastian rushed in.

Seb: Shhh. Shhh. You’re ok. I’m here.

He lets you lay on his chest, and you fall back asleep in his arms.

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