About me

By @pooopy123

About me

By @pooopy123

My first writing piece, please write helpful comments, thank you

Chapter 1

My basic info

I’m writing this article because I want people who doesn’t know me understand me better, so I can meet more people online, friends or not.

This if the first thing I ever wrote on Underlined, but this won’t be my last. I am actually a quite nervous writer because of various red flags that I have personally experienced, in my short life First, not everyone appreciates what you’ve did or created. When I was younger, I realized that the society, on the wide scale, people who are jerks and people who are not. For instance, this kid in my school laughs at everyone, striding the hallway during recess as if he got an invisible crown on top of his head. Oh yeah, he also makes fun of EVERY SINGLE story I wrote. And that, everyone, isn’t a great thing to deal with every day.

Here’s the thing-probably because of his bullying ways, he seemed to look uglier and uglier as time flows past. I guess this is what happens to people with negative thoughts in their heads…… Probably a natural rule.

Second, story writing isn’t easy. One goof, one typo, and the whole story becomes weird. For instance, I once made a mistake on the TITLE, making the story extremely weird, as nothing matches the title exactly. Also, writing stories take time, something I’m lacking those days. Sometimes I hope we can have an extra five or six hours each day, because sometimes you just have too many things to do, and when I DO finish these, I barely have time for story-writing.

Again, this is life, so I can’t really complain all that much. It doesn’t work, anyways…

So now you understand why I wished this wasn’t my best talent… This doesn’t really improve my reputation at school, and this talent is undiscovered most of the time. Still, I should be thankful for what I have, since most people don’t have this skill at all, and if I can improve over time, I can write actual books online! How awesome is that?

Okay, enough about story writing, more about me.

I have enjoyed reading from a young age. The enjoyment grew as I began reaching towards books of further interest, such as the lord of the rings or the harry potter series. Soon, I began reading 24/7, the moment I woke up or hours after the time which I should have fallen asleep… this habit actually raised the awareness of my parents, them telling me that I need to get my mind away from reading sometimes, which I usually agree. After all, too much reading can cause serious depletion of personal time.

On the weekends I enjoy playing video games with my brother. Video games are awesome, and I’m quite sure around two billion or more so of people who gets the choice to play agrees with me. However, most parents are TOTALLY against video games, so the only time I can actually play the games are when nobody is home. (What games do you all like? Post on comments below)

My favorite sport so far if basketball. Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m extremely good at it, but I can say I am trying to improve. Playing basketball makes me feel awesome, particularly when I score a goal. I had basketball for most of the summer, and when I came out, nothing really changed much except that I’ve improved on shooting and that I hate jerks like my roommate.

I have a unique personality out of the seven billion in the world. Everyone is awesome, but we just have to acknowledge and learn about everyone. Again, this is the reason I’m writing this article. If you also want everyone to know about you this will also probably be your choice as well

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