By @Paranormalqueen123

This is the extension of the story, Abigail under the username paranormalqueen. " Abigail " can be called a horror novella .

Chapter 2

Starting the journey to the hell

“Good morning Sir. ” , greeted all the students.

“So dear students , today we are going to study a new prose on Albert Einstein . Annie , what are you thinking about? Annie ?” , said Mr . Gardiner, the English teacher .

” Hey Annie, sir is calling you . Respond . ” , said Britney, Annie’s partner.

“Huh? Oh ! Yes Sir .Were you asking me something? ”

” What thought are you engrossed in? Tell us too . ”

” No , no sir I was just thinking about a question on the first chapter .”

” Ok now pay attention to the class .”

After the class , Annie found a note in her bag .It was written in red ink . It said-

I arise from my slumber ,

When I see you in glee .

But when the bricks turn ,

My life , you will also see .

But when the time will come,

You will not be able to flee.

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