By @Paranormalqueen123

This is the extension of the story, Abigail under the username paranormalqueen. " Abigail " can be called a horror novella .

Chapter 1

Some precognitions

“Mom save me, she will kill me. She is there in our house. Mom save me… she will kill . ”

” Who , Ann? There is nobody else in the house except you and me. Calm down dear , it is just a dream. Drink some water. “

” No mom she was really there in our drawing room. ”

” Ann now stop this nonsense and go to sleep . Have you looked at the clock. It is already 2 p.m. And one more thing , you seriously need to stop reading those horror stories. And If you don’t listen , I will literally burn all your horror storybooks. ”

But little did Emily know that her daughter’s life was was about to be a horror tale itself.

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