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A RoseBud story

By @ActressMawuena

Chapter 1 | Marie

Of course Marie went through the back gate. Everyone went through the back gate. Nobody knew about the back gate except the RoseBuds. But one day, Nikki, their weakest member, was caught going through the back gate and now everyone went through the back gate, meaning Marie and the rest of the RoseBuds had to find a new space for their antics. Nikki didn’t get cut, of course. She just went back to being a Seedling, which is worse than being a five- year old. Marie was one of the few chosen Roses. The had to be mature, talented, beautiful (because roses are of course, beautiful), small, smart, and very able bodied. Of course, disabled were able to become Roses. They just would be in different curcumstances, that’s all.

The back gate was forbidden now, but Marie still liked to visit it every day after school. She had been doing this ever since her parents told her the secrets of their blood. She couldn’t stop now!

“You’re still visiting this place?” Asked Jaxon.

“And you’re still spying on me?” Marie rolled her eyes.

“Hey, it’s what we do.” He points out. Marie laughs and pokes him.

“Shh! There are regular people, too. And I think Crystal will be mad when she hears you fancy me instead of her.” Marie points out very plainly.

“And who said that?”

“Rachel did.”

Uh-oh. At the mention of Rachel, they both freeze.

“I’m sorry Jaxon, I didn’t mean to head this way.” Marie pleads.

“No, it’s okay.”

The next day, Marie sees Jaxon at her locker.

“Look, if your still mad, I can-“

“No, I actually want to ask you something.

Marie’s stomach get butterfles. Was it finally time for the initiating?

“It’s time for the initiating, and I wanted to ask you, if, you, um, would agree to-”

“Yes!” Marie and Jaxon had been dating for three years, and she would obviously do it.

Okay, sixteen is a little young, but whatever.

On initiation day, Marie has the perfect dress. And Jaxon has the perfect suit.

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