A Riddle to Solve

By @sstar2000
A Riddle to Solve

"Love?" He scoffs, black eyes emotionless. "I don't even know what that means." She was a girl born in the midst of a war. She was the forgotten child. The sister of the girl who sacrificed herself, saving the boy with the lightning bolt scar. He'd come in the night, ripping away everyone she had ever loved. He'd taken away her family. He'd shattered her beyond repair. "Love?" She asks, blue eyes hard. "It means nothing to me anymore." She was raised to only know only pain.

Inspired by: Harry. Potter

Chapter 1

A Deadly Request

I was currently in Professor Dumbledore’s office. 

He was pacing like a caged animal, and I was staring at him in confusion. “Headmaster?” I question in worry and surprise.

 “Valentine… What I’m about to tell you will change everything. But you must keep it a secret…..You must never trust anyone with these words.” He orders, long beard twitching in fear. 

“Professor, you’re scaring me. What’s wrong?” I ask, voice high. If the great Dumbledore was frightened, then something was incredibly wrong. 

“You and Granger are the brightest witches in school.” He drawls, ignoring me. He was still walking back and forth, pulling on strands of his beard. “But Granger is needed here. She serves a purpose here.” He grumbles.

I raise an eyebrow at him, “Alright???…..” I say slowly, and he turns to me with a sigh. 

“Lord Voldemort? You’re aware of him?” He asks, and I stare at him like he was crazy. 

Excuse me?! He was the man who killed my parents!!!! He made both my nephew, niece and myself orphans…. and you ask if I know him?” I hiss out like a snake, and he sighs, nodding sharply.

 “Yes…I’m quite aware of that, Ms. Evans, but what if I told you all that could be erased. You could have your parents back, Harry too. All the people killed in the war could be saved.” He informs me, and I stare at him like he’s crazy. 

“What are you talking about?” I look at him in bewilderment, and he sighs. 

“You are the only person who can undo the wrong that has occurred.” He answers in a mysterious tone, and I find myself paling. 

“You said I could bring my parents back. My parents?! My parents and my sister?” I ask him, and he nods.

 “Yes, would you be interested in that?” He asks me, and I glare at him. 

“Yes, of course, I’d be interested in that, but don’t you dare manipulate my feelings. tell me exactly what I will be getting myself into.” I snap, making him nod. He seemed flustered, depressed and frantic. His hands were shaking, and I pause in my steps. Dumbledore was worried? What was going on here?

“Valentine. Lord Voldemort will win the war. He will kill thousands if we don’t stop him. You must kill him and end all this suffering. Kill him and stop him from killing your parents and everyone he’s killed and hurt in his life.” 

I noticed he kept bringing up my parents, and I was getting annoyed. I knew he was using my love for them as an incentive for me to help him as if I needed an extra one. Just the chance to stop all the pain and death going on right now was enough for me -the chance to see my mom and dad again. The chance to embrace them and tell them I loved them for one last time was all I could wish for but the opportunity to have them back…. to have parents again. To have my family…. that would be a dream. 

“How do I kill him?” I breathe, and he looks at me dead in the eye.

“I am going to take you to a place far from here. In this place, Lord Voldemort will be weak and not as strong as he is right now. You need to kill him there before he gets stronger.” Dumbledore demands, making me pale. 

“Okay,” I whisper, my own hands shaking. “I’ll do it. But why me?” I ask, and he eyes me knowingly. 

“You know why Ms. Evans.” He says, and I stare at him, jaw clenched.

 “Oh… ” I muse, realizing why, and stare at my hands in haunted terror. 

“So, you understand.” He ponders, and I nod, eyes glinting in knowledge. 

“I understand perfectly fine.” I quip back with my eyes narrowed. 

“You won’t need anything where you are going. Everything  you will need will be there.” He says, and I adjust my satchel closer to my body. 

“Alright. My satchel stays, though.” I grip it tight, and he looks at me. 

“You’ll probably want to change when you get there, my dear.” He says and takes two things out from his robes. He slams them on the table in front of me.


“What are these?” I stare at the compass and vial on the table in utter bafflement.

“It’s a compass, and that’s a potion.” Dumbledore answers and I give him a deadpanned look.

“I know what they are!! But what are they for?! Why are they so important?!” I demand, and he sighs. 

“This compass will be your guide. When you find yourself lost, it will point the way.” He tells me in a vague tone, and I gape at him. 

“No, Really!?” I say in a highly sarcastic tone. I could hear the little ounce of fear I was feeling ring in my voice. He shoves the two items in my arms, and I stumble back as he waves a hand. 

“Drink the POTION NOW!” He roars, and my eyes widen in horror as he waves a hand, and a puff of white smoke fills the entire room. 

I fumble with the lid of the vial. “DRINK IT!! DRINK IT NOW!!” He screams, and if I hadn’t seen how smart and powerful he is firsthand, I’d think he was an utter madman.

If I was drinking some sort of poison, I was coming back as a ghost to haunt him. I chug the liquid down, and the lid clatters to the floor as the white smoke fills my entire vision, and everything starts to spin. The liquid was thick, putrid, and I found myself choking on it.

“Valentine Dumbledore!!!” He yells, making me whip my head up to look around frantically. “Defeat Riddle before twilight of the fifth year. Raze the snake. Crown your head.” I hear Dumbledore boom, his voice ringing in my ears.

The world spins faster and faster until I’m screaming, clutching the vial and compass tightly in my hands. 

I feel myself falling, and I’m screaming louder, my heart in my throat. “I’m dying. I’m dying. Oh my god, Dumbledore killed me!!” I screech, covering my eyes, and I continue falling for what seems like an eternity. 

My eyes slam shut, and I hit the ground with such a loud thump, my heart stops in fear. 

So much pain. So so much pain.

The pain takes over my whole being, and I’m barely aware of screaming…. my screaming until everything goes black and I’m sucked into oblivion.

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