A Rebel's Awakening

By @Unica

A Rebel's Awakening

By @Unica

What if the abduction of a diva led to the awakening of a rebel? ********** Valerie Calisto is the daughter of a wealthy and affluent Riverside politician, she has everything going for her, money, friends, luxurious clothes and she never imagined exceeding her comfort zone...until she gets abducted by her father's rivals. Her life takes a drastic turn when she gets kidnapped by a group of scoundrels whose aim is to torture her and kick her father out of power.

Chapter 1



Missing Person 



Help The FBI and other agencies bring Valerie Calisto back home!

Gender – Female.

Age – 17

Height – 5’4

Other Physical characteristics – She has shoulder-length, chocolate-brown hair and possesses emerald-green eyes.

Additional Information

Valerie is the daughter of John Calisto; an American Politician and businessman.

She was last seen on September 6th, 2019 at Riverside’s mall, clothed in a pink dress and at exactly 3:45 p.m.

She disappeared under suspicious circumstances and is feared to have been kidnapped.

If you know anything about Valerie’s whereabouts or have any additional information on her disappearance please contact the nearest emergency agency near you.


Reward = $20000

Author’s Note


This was just a random idea that popped up in my head long ago, which I didn’t know how to excavate. But you know what, boredom really is a great thing because it gave me the opportunity to start The Rebel’s Awakening. I really don’t know where it’s going from here but I can say the next chapter promises to be more interesting and suspenseful. If you’re liking this story so far, vote and add T.R.A to your library. 

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