A Quiet Fox

By @LovelyOtter
A Quiet Fox

A story about a fox and a girl, under the glittering stars and the wide moon.

Chapter 1

The Fox

The fox trotted through the forest, passing several evergreen trees. Tappity-tap, tappity-tap. She sniffed the air with her long, pointed muzzle. When she smelled no harm, she continued walking. Finally, she emerged onto a lake. The fox sat by the lake, and looked into it. She saw the reflection of the huge, shining moon. She looked up to see the real one. The fox curled her fluffy tail over her paws. She looked at herself in the lake. She saw her orange face, and her pointed ears. Then she heard a noise. Her ears pricked, and she tensed up in alarm, getting up on all four paws. She noticed a light coming from the forest she had emerged from. The light shone brighter and brighter, the fox, out of curiosity, stayed put. Finally, emerged a freckled girl with dark skin and a dark red jacket. A candle was in her hand. She looked at the fox. The fox returned her gaze.

“Hi,” she whispered. “It’s nice out, isn’t it?”

The fox looked at the girl and cocked her head. She never understood human language.

The girl giggled softly, and moved towards the fox. The carnivore felt worried, with the human coming closer. She took a step back. The girl must’ve noticed, as she said, “I won’t hurt you. I just wanna come closer to the lake.”

The girl came closer, and the fox didn’t feel worried anymore. The girl reminded the fox of her sister. They both stared into the lake. Now, it had the reflection of the glittering stars as well. They winked at them every once in a while. The girl smiled.

“I love stars.”

The fox sniffed her. She smelled like cream and berries. The girl giggled, and reached out of her hand. The carnivore put her head under the girl’s hand. The girl started stroking the soft animal. The fox felt very safe around the girl. She laid down near the girl’s leg, exhaustion from the walk consuming her. The girl yawned, and laid down next to the fox. Together, they let the world of dreams envelop them, as they fell into a deep sleep, under the wide moon, and the glittering stars.

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