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A Promise Was Made

By @NyratOcnarFiD310748

A Promise Was Made

A promise was made

A promise that won’t ever

Be broken

A promise was made

It will be a hard one to keep

But it will be kept

This promise might take many tears



But this promise won’t be broken

This promise that I made to myself

I will keep it

Even when I just want to give up

I made a promise

That I will keep

For this promise is keeping me alive

I hate keeping it

Life would be easier to break it

Like breaking chains

That have made imprints in the skin

But when I make a promise

I don’t forget it

So I am not going to forget myself

This promise that I made

Was to never kill myself

And while it will be hard

I will keep this promise

For a promise was made

And it shall not be broken

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