A Princes Mark

By @Azazelion-H
A Princes Mark

The world seemed to have made the cruelest joke it could've on Azazel Hellstrand's life being born as an Alpha and a Prince but if that wasn't enough to make things worse, he was also a Primal Alpha, the highest ranking of the social caste system. In short, though he was born to become the strongest and most respected individual in the world, now, however, like all the Princes and rulers before him, in order to ascend to the throne and claim his title as King Azazel must be given a divine task.

Chapter 2


After getting my divine task and begrudgingly accepting jus what it meant in regards to my future, I set out to find my apparently fated lover or partner. Although this was a divine mission and all I’d still have to get my education so, Father and I agreed that I’d attend school in the city while the search for whoever my partner was continued. For the most part though, he was gone, out handling his Royal duties while I was left in the house to get settled in, my duties as Prince having been put on hold in the meantime, I had also made it a part of our agreement that while I attended this school, none of the students would know of my origins as to ensure that whoever I met wouldn’t be interested in me solely due to my Royalty. School was going to start in a week or two so, I still had a bit more time to laze around and play Video Games, however after so many months of that, I kinda lost all interest in the games I had, so I found a new interest, a boy that had moved into the house a few doors down from me last week, I still didn’t know his name. In fact, I was only able to catch short momentary glimpses of him from time to time. It was a huge curiosity of mine that was driving me crazy with each passing day, and the less I knew about him, the stronger my urges to see him up close got, he was an interest, something to occupy my time until school started. Just an interest.

I remember the U Haul truck taking up half the street when they moved in back at the beginning of July. It was literally days before I even knew that the family even had a son, as he was evidently more of an ‘indoor’ type of kid. Usually, you can see signs of an ‘outdoor’ by, because when new families move in, you see bikes leaned against their fence, or a basketball hoop goes up, something that lets you know. For ‘indoor’ boys, however, they sneak past you. All they need is some music, some books, a few movies, and a game system shuffled by you in a single box, and they’re set. It wasn’t hard for him to unintentionally avoid me at all. Still…like I said, I was curious.

Three or four days had passed, with me wondering and waiting about the faceless kid down at the end of the block, and hadn’t seen so much as a hint that he even existed. But something caught my attention as I was walking home from the park. A boy…walking in the same direction that I was. It was just a new face around the neighborhood at first. It could have been anybody. I was walking on one side of the street, he was walking on the other. He was maybe fifteen steps ahead of me, and he was walking with his head down. He seemed to naturally keep his eyes focused on the ground when he walked but there was also a kind of sad feeling to him, his fingers grazed along the fence as he walked. I remember walking at just the right pace, not too slow, not too fast, to just watch him for a while. He never looked up, so I had a decent view of him from head to toe. It wasn’t what one would call an ‘instant attraction’, at least I don’t think it was. I can’t say that he was one of those boys that you stare at and go ‘WOW! I wanna sleep with him!’ No….this was different. This was like…watching a squirrel running along a telephone wire…just cute enough to watch for as long as you could keep him in your vision. That first late summer day, I was content just looking at him, and wondering what was on his mind. It was the weirdest sensation in the world, suddenly wanting to dive into the life and details of a complete stranger at first glance. But that’s exactly what it felt like.

The boy was a little bit shorter than me, maybe a couple of inches. And from the side, I couldn’t see his face all that well. He had this vibrant blonde, almost golden shiny hair, with a few strands of black mixed in on the right side that hung gracefully down almost to his chin and nearly to his shoulders on both sides, and it kinda bounced a little bit when he walked. What I COULD see of his face, his smallish lips and his perfect little nose, was cool to look at though. He still had some of that adorable baby fat in his cheeks that gave him such a cute profile from where I was standing. He was eating Pocky sticks, one of them hanging out of his mouth as he walked, his delicate, almost invisible, dimples would sink into his cheeks every few steps as he bit the chocolate end of the biscuit. His clothes had a bit of a grunge look about them, but despite the few holes and tatters of his clothes, a flannel shirt was tied around his waist, he still had the sweetened appearance of a clean suburban teenage boy. The kind who was only allowed so much rebellion by a set of very ‘careful’ parents. The kind who couldn’t grow a single hair on his face if he wanted to. The kind who was probably hiding a ‘lick and press’ temporary tattoo on his arm. It was charming.

He was definitely walking in rhythm to whatever he was listening to because he never missed a step. Everything seemed to be done with some kind of immaculate timing. If I had listened closer to his footsteps, I might have been able to guess the song he was grooving too. Yeah…whatever it was about him that caught my attention…it was subtle. Strong, but subtle.

I followed him for about eight blocks that afternoon. I was actually kinda surprised that we were still headed in the same direction. And when I got to my house and saw him crossing to my side of the street…everything kinda clicked. I remember watching quietly, looking to see if he rang the doorbell. Maybe he was a friend of somebody? Who knew? But…I saw him walk up to the front door, fidget in his pocket for some keys, and then walk right in. He definitely lived there. It was definitely him. And something about that excited me. Then again, I was a bored Prince who was used to some sort of action, training or work so pretty much anything would excite me at this point.

Days went by without me seeing him again at all. Even when I looked out the window to try and spot him. Even when I hung around out in front of my house to see if he’d come outside. But, like I said before, I only got small glimpses of him here and there. Sometimes I’d come home just in time to see him walking into his house. Or I’d see him leaving the house, and occasionally I’d see him getting into the car with his mom or dad to go out shopping on the weekends. But that was it. Never a real ‘exposure’ to him that I could consider satisfying I didn’t know who he was, where he was from or what he was, whether he was an Alpha, Beta or, Omega, and for some reason that I couldn’t understand at the time, I longed for it, longed to know more. I mean, he was cute and all…but this wasn’t really a crush or anything yet. Not even a slight infatuation. I just…I felt like he had a ‘piece’ of me from the first time I saw him, and I wanted a piece of him in return. Just to balance things out a little. Seeing him for a total of 12 seconds every couple of days wasn’t going to do it for me. But that was all I got. For the longest time….that was all he gave me.

The week went by, and then school started, or the first day of it at least and Father wished me off with a pat on the head. His fingers lightly scratching the fur of my ears atop my head, my white hair shifting with the movement of his hand. “Good Luck, Young Prince.”

“Eh, I’ll be fine. See you later?”

“I’ll be home when you get back, or do you want me to pick you up from school?”

“I’m really, REALLY sure that people would recognize you. Besides, we’ll be staying in the dorms next week so I’ll have to get used to being by myself anyway.” I leaned against the doorframe, crossing my arms as I looked up at Father.

Just as he opened his mouth to speak we were both interrupted by the loud heavy footsteps of shoes against wooden stairs from the hallway and sure enough, out came Z. face reddened, and hair wet, a towel slung over his shoulders doing little to dry the water on his shirtless skin. “Going to go find your boyfriend without me?” Z, panted, moving the hair from his face as he started to dry himself off.

“Well little brother, I would obviously love to take you but you see, you’re shirtless aaaand I don’t think that’s allowed.”

He smiled and his amber eyes briefly met mine, “You just don’t want your partner falling for me.”

“Obviously. Now hurry up and get dressed if you want to go with me.”

“Wait, you’re actually letting me go with you?”

“Yes, now hurry up and put some clothes on.”

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