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A Poor Souls Demise Along With the Nine Others Who Suffered Such Unfortunate Fate

By @Akira Eliza

Story Three: the Tale of the Bloody Water Horse

Story three: the Tale of the Bloody Water Horse

“ papa! It’s night time! And you know what that means, don’t you? It’s story time!” John asked. He was still chewing his last mouthful of supper, too eager for a story to wait to fully finish his meal.

“ Whoa there, young man, don’t trip over yourself now. It would be best if you finish your supper” he said as John rushed his plate to the sink. He scurried over to where his grandfather was and sat in front of him, anticipation clear with his actions.

“ Now young man, have you ever heard of hydras?” the grandfather asked.

“ I heard they carry you into the sea and drown you once you get on their back!” the boy said.

“ Well yes, that’s one way to put it, ” the grandfather said, scratching his chin. “ but they are much kinder than that. Let me tell you of a story about an old fisherman I once knew…

There was once a greedy man who was in search of money.  Because of his greed, he became an actuary. He collected tax from others in the town. One day, he followed a fisherman, for he wanted to ruin the joy of the catch the sailor would have with demanding tax money. When the fisherman caught very little, he began to weep, then sob. A great beast came up from the great deep and looked at the unfortunate fisherman. He quickly beckoned the fisherman to ride on its back. With fear in his eyes, the fisherman got on. All at once, his once nearly empty net was filled with fish and his pocket was filled with gold coins. The fisherman gave a cry of joy.The greedy man felt an evil smile twitch across his face.

“ what ever should I call you, my fine friend who has shown me such kindness?” asked the fisherman.

“ Oh I know! I’ll call you Water Horse.” The fisherman said with delight. The creacher thrilled with delight. It seemed to like that name. As the fisherman was about to set off home, he said to Water Horse,

“ Now remember, don’t let your generosity get the better of you, for I am sure there are people who will come after you to get rich. Only give fortune to those who need it, and punish the greedy.” the fisherman said. Water Horse nodded. You could almost say it understood every word the fisherman had said. The happy fisherman walked home. The greedy man quickly walked into place beside the front door of the fisherman’s cottage and acted like he did not see a single thing. The greedy man smiled his usual evil smile.

“ Why, my fine friend, you are behind on taxes,” he said delightfully.

“ Will this do?” the fisherman asked and put a gold coin into the palm of the greedy mans’ hand. The greedy man pretended to look surprised.

“ Yes, I suppose it will do.” the greedy man said and walked away. The next day, the greedy man walked up to the spot where the fisherman saw the Water Horse.

“ Water Horse, Water Horse, thou come here!” the greedy man said as Water Horse risin. The Water Horse looked deeply into the greedy man’s eyes, as if reading his past, present, future and thoughts.

Well? What do you want? It seemed to be saying. “ I am in need of money.” the greedy man had said. Well? What are you waiting for? Get on then. The Water Horse had once again seemed to be saying. The greedy man at once got on. No sooner did he get on did the Water horse carry him to the deepest part of the lake to drown.

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