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A Hellish Paradise: Chapter 2

By @TheMarySueOfSatire

The Resurrection

Last we left off Jesus and Lucifer had gotten married, now sixteen years later their daughter Morrigan is starting her first day of Hell School. So Lucifer and his lover decided to go out and eat on the surface world.

As they walked down the street they saw a group of Sunday school children collected some twigs to make homemade crosses(To compel y’all sinners).

Some bullies where picking on one kid calling him terrible things such as “A f*****’s son” and “The son of a q***r”

Lucifer was just about to turn them into nothing but dust, when Jesus begin to generate a blinding white light.

When the light cleared the bullies where beaten to crimson pulp, and the young boy had a charm around his neck.

(Just a start, there may be more soon)

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