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A Day in the Life of a Carpenter

By @Joyful17

Part 2 (A Day at Sea)

A Day at Sea

The boat was rocking. Waves were pummeling the sides of the small, wooden boat. Dark clouds threatened rain, as winds ripped and torn at the sail. The fishermen were shouting, calling at each other to tighten the ropes, and keep the ship from sinking. 

Voices called out. Curses were as frequent as the waves. Hands reached, grabbing, for the ropes. They pulled tight, tense for the next wave. A sailor started turn around as he saw the wave coming. Huge was the only word for it. It rose out of the sea, as if it were alive. A beast, coming to devour and demolish. It seamed to look the fisherman straight in the eye, taunting him. As if it were beckoning him to join the other lost souls at sea. It started creeping forward, unnoticed by all except that sailor. He couldn’t move. Or breathe. That’s the funny thing about fear. It steals your breath, the very thing that gives you life. It was stealing the thing, that soon the sailor would be gasping for. His eyes grew. Like large silver coins, with a chocolate piece in the middle. His middle length hair whipped around and stung his cheeks. He thought he was drenched. Laughable. He would be flooded if he didn’t do something, something soon. His fingers started to curl in towards his palms. He was clenching his hands. He wanted to face his doom like man.The scowl on his face deepened. He jaw started to grind and chip his teeth. His eyes narrowed, as wave came ever closer. 

That’s when a hand pulled him out of the monster’s way. Safety. Like a child, the wave swept the deck, barely missing the men. It greedily pulled boxes and nets over the side, where it disappeared in the cauldron. Welcome to the Galilean Sea. Notorious for sudden storms, and lost ships. But let’s continue on with the story. Below the deck slept the Carpenter. You might think that it is insane that someone could sleep through the nightmare. But He knew what was going on. 

****A Noteworthy Note****

Sometimes He waits for things to get to their worse, so then His deliverance is all the more spectacular. 

The fishermen didn’t think the boat could take much more. They could feel it creaking, no-groaning beneath them. Desperately, a disciple darted down into the hold where He was sleeping. The sailor angrily shook Him awake.

“Don’t You care about us? Don’t You care if we drown? Why won’t You save us? Why are You sleeping?”

But He just smiled gently at him. The fisherman started to sob. 

“I have followed You. I have a wife and children. Please, save us. Please.”

The Carpenter stood up, “Oh you of little faith! Did you think that I can’t control what is happening? Do you really doubt that I would not let My will done?”

He started up the steps, the fisherman behind Him. At once they were almost carried off the boat. Wind. Rain. Lightning was striking. The sun had hidden its face behind the dark rage, scared to face the storm. But He wasn’t fazed. He remembered making the clouds this morning. He remembered pulling water from the ground, streams, and lakes, and creating perfect tiny drops. He remember gathering the winds from the far corners of the earth, to whip up the sea into a boiling, turmoiling mess. He ran his fingers along the railing of the deck. He remembered planting the seeds of the trees that made this boat. That’s when He stretched out His hand. Its fingers stretched, taunt, pointing towards the sky. Pointing towards home. But He mustn’t think about that now. A small Voice inside gave Him the words to stay. A small grin spread on His face. He was the one light, on a dark day. He opened His mouth and said,


He spoke gently, softly, as the beaten, collapsing men gazed helplessly on.

Peace. What a word.

****A Comment About Peace****

It is the thing that all people want. It is a word that can cause a hope beat of the heart, or a sob that escapes from the lips. Peace. What does it mean to you?

For a moment all was still. The waves were still crashing, the wind still howling. But something was different. Something had changed. Then, a tiny sliver of golden light descended through the clouds. It broke through and brightened the sea in front of them. The tangled hair of the fishermen started to return to its rightful place on their shoulders. The sail shrank, and relaxed. The feet of the men started to dry off. The sun cautiously ventured its rays past the fleeing clouds. A patch of blue lit up the sky. The waters were now filled will color. Vibrant shades of blue and green. A bird flew over head; it was as if the storm were only a dream, or some distant memory. The men looked around in wonder. Surprise shown clearly on their faces. Slowly the they fell to their knees. How was it possible? How could He do that? They didn’t understand. They didn’t have. They just needed to believe. 

****An Announcement****

 You don’t have to be afraid during the storm of life. You can trust Him. He never fails, and He is always with you. You don’t need to be scared; you can have peace. You just need ask. Will you?

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