Time's Game

By @kri
Time's Game

One broken past and a corrupt future. The present is just as messed up as both of the others. Only one can go back and fix the past. Stray's got a reputation of doing dumb and stupid things and that's why he's the only one who could save it all.

Chapter 1


Everyone danced while I slipped through the doors and into the main hallway. The obnoxious poses of these snotty people were the only things watching me as I ascended the stairs. What was I doing? Well something stupid. I was going to rob the Great Emerald for someone who was willing to pay me a hefty amount of dough. I have no clue what this stone is for but it seems important. I was told that there would be traps of all sorts and that if I wasn’t prepared I was dead.

I walked down the dark and eerie hallway, and watched my every step. The only thing getting in the way was my stupid corset that left no breathing room. Curse the fashion women have to wear these days! I found the door to the room and I stood their for a second. I took a deep breathe in and thought about the one thing that I was going to lose when I opened the door. I looked at the doorknob and questioned myself, is it really worth my life? I shook the cowardly thought out of my head immediately and turned the knob.

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