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A Date, Guitar Strings and Kisses.

By @Snake-of-Eden

First and Only Chapter.

Dialogue piece. Scene: Arauras Decor and Skills make Delia melt inside.

Araura let Delia into her flat. They were returning from the movies after having dinner at a local hotel. She closed the door behind them and followed her into her open-plan living area.

“Well… it’s still early. Want a cuppa’ coffee?” Araura asked her from her kitchen. Delia turned around about to seat herself on the sofa.

Araura was stood, both hands on the countertop, shoulders propped up and leaning her head to one side, arms gripping the countertop lazily.

It struck Delia at that moment how Arauras hair stuck up in that quaff that flamed up from her face, how her smile was very slightly crooked. It hit her as she stood, staring vacantly at Araura that the shirt she was wearing perfectly framed the tank she sported underneath and fell smoothly like satin over her flat chest. Delia wondered briefly how long she’d been silent for. She settled for nodding and squeaking the word “Yeah.”

“Diels… You alright, darling?” Araura asked, turning around to open an overhead cupboard. Her head was the last to turn and her eyes remained on Delia for a second longer, wide and curious. Delia nodded, unsure if she was turning red. She turned and bussed herself quickly with examining the large framed poster above the mantle that had caught her eye on entering, eggar for a distraction.

It was a large poster framed in matt black and it showed the sheet music to one of Arauras favourite songs. Delia knew it of old, after all, she’d known Araura for a good fifteen years and one thing they bonded over was music, most especially Queen. The song was called Love of my Life and Araura had told Delia about it a while back. She remembed Araura saying it was written for a woman called Marry. Delia could hear the kettle click off from behind her and Araura fill two cups with hot water. The smell of instant coffee wafted over to Delia where she stood and she inhaled deeply, searching her mind franticly for something distracting to say.

“Can you read this sheet music?” She asked Araura, turning to watch her round the island bench baring the two coffees. The mental image of Arauras skinny frame hunched over an acoustic guitar, a look of relaxed focus on her face swam up in Delias mind and made her death catch. She hoped Araura didn’t notice.

There was a pause while Araura seated herself in her arm chair back to the wall and sipped her coffee, peering at her.

“Something on your mind, Diels?” Araura finally asked when Delia didn’t sit down. It startled her out of her head and she moved quickly to seat herself. 

“Thanks for taking me out, Diels. That was really nice.” Araura addressed her over her mug cupped in her hands as Delia settled on the sofa.

“Well, what is a girlfriend for?” Delia asked, a hint of sarcastic joy twisting her voice into a giggle.

“Girlfriend!” Araura repeated with infection, sipping her coffee, one eyebrow raised in a way that made Delias heart skip.

“Well, yeah—“ Delia was slightly unsure. Araura appeared to be considering the notion, thoughtfully. Her green eyes had shrunk slightly as if sinking into her head. Then they widened and focused on Delia. She giggled a squeaking catchy laugh that was drenched in a playful kind of affection that dripped all over Delia, dotting her dress in spots of a contagious joy.

“What are you laughing at, smartypants!” Delia found herself asking through a wide grin.

“Hah ha— You’ve gone bright red!, honey!” Araura answered through bursts of laughter.

Delia cringed, having it pointed out to her only made the embarrassed blush worse and she bowed her head behind her cup, leaning her elbows on her knees.

“I mean, you’re not wrong. I had considered whether what we’ve been doing is actually dating. But I was kind of — you know afraid to ask you because I didn’t wanna make it wired.” Araura explained, following up with a long draught of coffee.

There was a pregnant pause.

“Is it even a little bit wrong that I’ve been wondering how to have that conversation with you for about a month now and you’ve just taken the words out of my mouth and put them in a logical, coherent order?” She asked, voice shaking slightly through an even wider grin.

“Well, that’s what I do. I’m your Holmes.” Araura raised her mug as she said this as if to toast her own facetiousness.

“Does that mean I’m your Watson?” Delia asked, finishing her coffee and setting her mug down on the coffee table.

“Well obviously.”

It was Delias turn to snicker. “So are you saying that Sherlock Holmes and John Watson were a couple?”

Araura raised her glass again, winking and smiling that crooked smile that messed with Delias heart rhythm.

“Hah. You know— I was afraid this conversation would be super awkward. Especially after the other night. You remember.When we kind a’ slept together but not really” Delia said, relaxing a little and letting on to Araura her dying concerns about the state of their relationship.

“Well— you have to admit, Dear, I do awkward rather well, had years of practice.” Araura said. Delia let out a very un-graceful cackle at this and laughed into her hands. When she emerged she saw Araura leaning back, a leg resting laterally on her knee, one arm draped across her middle and the other supporting her head on the arm of her chair. Her eyes had misted over as she stared at Delia and a soft smile played on her thin mouth.

“Aro, can I ask you a question?” Delia asked.

“You’ve just done so, Dear. But you may ask me another.” Araura sarcastically answered.

“If we’ve been dating all this time, then— do you— I mean… do you like… dating me?” Delia asked, becoming insecure and darting her eyes about the room, avoiding Arauras. She had to know but had been mentally trying to find a way to ask without seeming forward since that beautiful confusing evening.

“Yeah! It’s fun. You’re straight up adorable. And I’ve never let on to you when we were younger, but I’ve had a crush on you since met you. Be aware that I’ve had years to get used to it. It’s never really gone away… though.” Arauras voice trailed off and her cheeks reddened as she spoke.

“I didn’t think anyone could like me back then…” Delia mused.

“Oh honey, please!” Arauras eyes had widened again, the velvety pupils shing in the lamp light, the green glinting like a pair of emeralds. She chuckled. “Who likes themselves when they’re young?” She rhetorically asked. What Aros eyes were saying, she couldn’t hope to out into words. And as Delia stared into them, she saw what wasn’t and won’t ever be said. Araura put down her mug and her knees slightly apart, she leant forward and sandwiched her arms between them. Her tank top gaped, showing the valley of her chest.

“You were asking me before, could I read that sheet music up there. Well… do you wanna hear it?” Araura asked her, eye shining brightly as they did when they began talking about their favourite bands music.

“Yeah!” Delia lit up, kicking off her heels and crossing her legs on the sofa like an excited child about to see a beloved film.

Araura stood and skipped over to pick up her own guitar. It was an acoustic one, well warn and slightly smaller than average. Araura had had it since she was young and kept it lovingly in good condition. She sat back down, one knee up higher to prop the instrument on and the other tucked away under the chair. She strummed the strings top to bottom and then delicately positioned her fingers on the neck.

As she played the song, each note seemed to stand by itself, the melody elegantly mixed into the tempo with not a beat missed. As a rule, Araura didn’t sing, but Delia wished she would, she’d always said her voice, even with its catch was beautiful but her words as usual fell on her deff ears. Delia found herself humming along as the song went on, and a look of relaxed concentration fell across Arauras face as she watched her hands play the chords. Her face smoothed over, it was as if every stress induced line was filled in by the music and it sent wave after wave of a kind of intangible sense of peace into the vasculature of pair of them where where they sat.

When it was over, Delia had closed her eyes and leant back on the sofa, one dress strap, unbeknownst to her had fallen down exposing a shoulder. When Araura put down the guitar, she looked over at her and then, leaning the instrument delicately against the wall under the mantle she strode to the sofa and wrapped herself around Delia where she sat.

Delias arms wrapped around Araura, her heart beat thudding into Arauras head as it rested on Delias chest. She craned her neck upward and without prompting from either of them, their lips locked.

Their kiss might have lasted an eternity, and might lave lasted a few minutes. It didn’t matter to them, all of their questions were answered in that one brief and everlasting exchange that lasted and lasted.

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