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A Crack In Dawn

By @CoriBlack


I woke up in a room, the air inside thick. There was a faint tapping in the far corner of the room, across from where I was situated. Heart already pretty much pounding out of my chest, I tug at my hands, feeling the uncomfortable nagging of the rope on my wrists. After pulling and tugging, I finally feel my red, irritated wrists slip a little, but I didn’t want to continue the tugging. My wrists felt like they were resting on coals, being tied down by electric ropes. The tapping in the corner suddenly stops, being replaced by a loud pounding. I flinch as I feel something scratch my ear, letting a yelp echo through the room. Holding my breath, my heart thundering inside my head as the pounding stopped, being replaced with the tapping once again. My tense body began to ache as the room began to get gradually warmer. The room began to get hot instead of the cold it once was, I began panting like a dog trying to keep cool. Beads of sweat ran down my forehead, the room now feeling like a steam room.

Suddenly a cold, what felt like a hand, touched my shoulder, and on instinct I move towards it, relishing the cool feeling. A staticky chuckle rang out behind me, the sudden rush of being pulled backwards falling on top of me like a brick. I yelp, crashing perfectly into what felt like a human body. It was cold, almost pulsing off the boiling heat of the room perfectly.

“So, darling, how do you like my room? It’s quite nice, hot too~” I flinch, yelping at the sudden voice, hot breath tickling my ear. A quiet, hearty laugh rings. “Careful there, darling.” The voice drops pitch, getting closer into my ear, “Wouldn’t wanna wake the dog now would we?” Feeling a sudden nip at my ear, I let out a throaty yell. Pushing away, the nipping turned onto my neck.

It suddenly got cold, like winter cold. Holding onto the thick rope around my wrists with my teeth, I yank as hard as I can, only doing little. I was pushed down from the front, pressure holding itself in my lungs, like water filling in the cavities. I felt like I was drowning, my head feeling like it was about it explode. I saw a dark figure above me, it crouched down beside me, I rear my legs up and kick, hitting the figure square in the chest.

A deep groan resonates from the figure, it doubling over, holding it’s stomach with what seemed to be the arms. The almost shadow lets out deep, heavy breaths as it moved its head from one side to the next. A sickening crack was heard once, then again, followed by a chuckle. But it wasn’t a chuckle that would be heard from a corny joke, it was one of those chuckles that are kept from crying out and screaming at someone in anger.

“Honey,” Another crack. “Why did you do. . .” An angry growl. “That?

Tears burn my eyes, one slipping down my cheek.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry. . . I didn’t mean to make you cry,” My jerk my head away from the hand suddenly on my face, wiping away the tear. “This all my fault, I’m so sorry.” More and more rambling, only making me cry more. Cold skin pressing against my cheek makes it worse.

Lips press against my wet cheek, making me yelp and pull away. The figure doesn’t do anything but let out a frustrated breath. “Would you like to have a light on? It is quite dark in here, or maybe I could open the blinds and let you see the outside, or maybe–”

“Please! Turn on the light!” I realize that I yelled it, very loudly. “I-I mean. . . Pl-please turn on the light.” I curl into myself, hiding myself.

“Of course! And, no need to be shy, Honey.” He pets my arm, then footsteps are heard walking across the room, then a flash of light burns my eyes. “Hey, why are you curled up like that? Are you feeling ill? Oh gosh, do I need to get you something? Water? Soup? Anything?” I say nothing. “A-alright, at least talk to me. . . You haven’t said much.”

“What would you expect?! You kidnapped me!” I begin to shout, sitting up and facing my kidnapper. He had brown hair at the roots, slowly fading blonde. Green eyes complimented the blonde almost perfectly, a pale face, freckled nose and cheeks. He wore a plaid green, brown, and grey shirt and black, bootcut jeans. Sneakers covered his feet.

He basically looked like the type of guy that every girl would have a crush on in high school, then realize he was the biggest jerk ever. But he seemed so. . . Sweet, that it made me sick.

“I didn’t kidnap you, Honey. I saved you.” His voice changed, as if angry.

“I’m tied up, I have no idea who you are, nor do I know where the Hell I am, you kidnapped me!” I yell, flames dancing in anger within my eyes, though he didn’t seem to notice.

“Fine. My name is Noah, and you are in the woods, in the downstair of my cabin. And the ropes are just in case, by the way, careful with your volume, Honey.” ‘Noah’ points to the corner, revealing a giant dog. By the looks of it, it was a Great Dane. It was black with a grey spot on it’s left eye, along with one streak down it’s chest. It’s ears were cropped and pointing up. “She’s not the most fond of strangers, but if she does happen to wake while I’m gone, call her by her name, Cracker. And remember to not pet her tail or snout, she’ll bite off your hand.”

I stare at the dog in awe, I’d never seen such a big dog. I mouth the word ‘wow’ unintentionally, and Noah lets out a small chuckle. That snaps me out of my ‘trance’, and I look back at Noah, then look down at my tied up hands, suddenly remembering that I was in some mentally insane person’s basement with my hands tied and a dog that would most likely kill me if it woke up and that person was gone.

“It’s okay, Honey. You’ll get used to me eventually.” Noah walks up to me and kneels down in front of me, leaning closer. I push myself against the wall, Noah grabbing my chin and moving my head to my side, then he kissed my cheek. With him lips still pressed against my cheek, he whispers, “You’ll learn to love me.” His hot breath tingles.

When Noah finally gets up and leaves through a door on the completely opposite side of the room, I break down into choking sobs.

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