The Accession Of Tir Na Nog

By @tee23

The Accession Of Tir Na Nog

By @tee23

After the Apocalypse 10,000 years ago Tir Na Nog has entered a new age of stability, Humans live on floating Islands to hide from the monsters below. There are new weapons made from the parts of monsters that allow fusion with them, Humans use these

Chapter 1

A Villain Destined To Be A Hero

This is a story of a chosen hero, destined to save the world my story. However I’m not the hero type infact I’m the opposite, born to be an evil villain, me and my twin sister were supposedly reincarnations of 2 famous heroes, destined to save the world, what a joke.

On a floating island 10,000 years after the Apocalypse, there was a baby born who was built up as a hero that would save humanity one day according to a legend that everyone believed his name Tyler he also had a twin sister Mina.

Apparently we’re the chosen ones destined to defeat the evil big bad that has yet to appear. I couldn’t be more opposite to the savior of the world, empathy, compassion, courage, I lack them all.

The other reincarnation was my twin sister Mina, however she has a personality almost as twisted as mine and she’s basically a **** and exhibitionist, because of our unique birth circumstances, and the fact that our dad’s in the monster extermination squad, we are treated like royalty.

I bully the poor and weak for no reason really, I don’t know why, maybe I just want the people to not see me as some grand Savior. I’ve been treated as a hero, and had high expectations on me, they think I’m a hero but I don’t want to be, I take pleasure in others suffering, it actually makes me feel good to hurt others, so I act like a villain.

Maybe I am one how does a hero turn out so twisted, there’s something wrong with me I can tell. So I want them to see me as what I am a villain.

The legend said in 10,000 years the reincarnations of the heroes would show up to save the world, but I was born before then so why do they so strongly believe I’ll save them.

4 days till the 10,000th year, the year when the hero is supposed save humanity, the day I’m supposed to save the world from a threat that hasn’t even appeared.

All my life I’ve acted like anything but a villain, I am a monster, I bully, rob, even have my way with whom ever I chose, whether they like it or not, I cannot be touched by the law because of my status.

I was walking home. I can feel the hatred pointed at me like daggers piercing me, and I enjoy the feeling of being hated. I wonder when I’ll get what’s coming to me “Tyler the reading of your mothers will is tomorrow” Mina reminded me.

“Wait she died?” my voice had a mix of surprise and embarrassment “wait you didn’t even know your own mother died, I know you’re trying to be a stone cold villain so that those army recruiters will get off your back about being the hero, but are you that forgetful? or were you busy with a girl during the announcement?” Mina’s voice started out as sounding surprised then turned to a voice that’s used for mocking.

According to her mom died in battle yesterday, I guess I accidentally skipped the funeral to steal from George, this poor kid that stood up to me, I had my way with his sister, so I guess he’s mad I couldn’t care less, I just hope mom will leave something for me.

On our odd floating island, Gravity works weird in an odd way, there is a ceiling that’s a floor at the same time, if you’re in the high class, which just means you’re either rich or your parents are in high positions, or in my case you’re expected to save the world in the future.

you can take an elevator in the middle of the island and gravity will be in reverse, the ceiling will become the floor and the sky will be the ceiling it’s an odd sensation, some people even puke during the ride down, getting disoriented.

Outside of our island are flying monsters dragons, wyverns, and other creatures, there’s a barrier keeping this island safe, and an army that keeps them away.

The army is filled with people who have have weapons that change their appearance and give them the abilities of monsters. All of the weapons are made from important parts of a slain monster, giving all of the weapons transform the wielder into a humanoid flying type monsters.

The reason I’m dumping this exposition is to explain why she died in battle. I’m also expected to join the army which I have no intention of doing.

Me and my sister lives were filled with unlawful acts all the time, yet we were never punished, even now Mina was walking around naked raping a guy with a wife in public, there was a group of people gathering around her, I snickered ‘she just does whatever she wants again making a public display what a moron’ I thought to myself, as I was lost in thought I saw Georges sister Heather.

She was walking around looking for someone, strangely she came towards me “can you stop bullying my brother? please” she pleaded at me because I threatened to come back tomorrow to cripple him.

My lips slowly formed a smile, I guess I’m feeling merciful today so I’ll tease her a little bit, I put my hands behind my back and walked towards her with a wicked smile “so what would you be willing to give up to keep me away from him? if I defile your body again he’ll just come after me” I said with a smile as I tilted my head upwards, I’m such a *******.

“You can have my life I am your slave and I will not tell my brother of this if he thinks you’re leaving me alone he’ll leave you alone I’ll convince him to” she was shaking when she tried to make the deal her voice was shivering.

It gave such pleasure hearing her desperate yet scared suggestion, the sun was setting, I was just about to defile her body more, however suddenly I felt something, a bunch of unfamiliar emotions hitting me, guilt sympathy self loathing, all those things I’ve never felt hit me at once.

For the first time ever I thought about the other persons feelings, I felt conflicted, so I told her she I’ll come up with something later and to go back home, after I did that the emotions I haven’t felt my whole life disappeared, a sense of dread was draped over my heart.

I see where this is headed I end up with a birth defect that stops me from feeling emotion even though I’m the reincarnation of a hero, then when the world needs me I suddenly have to care. I’m not gonna become a hero ******, don’t make me feel self loathing, or regret the way I acted.

I stormed into my room wondering what the hell just happened, I had a perfect chance to mentally torture her further, I can’t change not now.

I lay down on my bed with a scared expression “it’s to late you can’t take back what you’ve done” I heard a voice in my head that was not my own “why would I want to I’m untouchable” I don’t even know who I was replying to, the I realized something, if I didn’t become their “hero” by new year’s I’ll lose my status as the chosen one, and be punished by the law for my crimes.

It was morning, I begin thinking that there’s no way I can get out of being a hero, I wanted to get my hands all over Heather and inside her to, she’s so pure and innocent or she was, that’s what I love about her, it’s so much fun to rape someone so innocent.

However I have to go to a will reading, I got out of my comfy mansion sized home, put on my fancy robes and comfy shoes, I walked down the street passed the skyscrapers, I saw a bunch of people fighting monsters in the sky outside the barrier.

If I’m supposed to become a hero then I’ll start feeling emotions? all these questions I keep asking myself, it’s so frustrating, screw it I’ll stop it with the predictions and just live in the moment.

I ran into Mina “hey Tyler ready to see if mom left us anything?” Mina ran towards me waving, she had cloths on for once that was rare, I looked up toward the village where the will was going to be read, there were alot of people there, my mom had alot of friends.

If I had emotions how would I feel about her death with what’s happening lately I have a feeling I’ll know soon…

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