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By @kehlani_

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Joe’s feet pounded the pavement as he ran as hard, and as far as he could. Even though he was feeling short of breath, he couldn’t stop laughing at the fact his escape plan worked so well. Of all the attempts to break from his jail cell, of all the intricate plans that were wasted; the one simple-minded plan worked the best. Who knew all you had to do was cover a cell door labelled EXIT with leftover peanut butter that perfectly match the wall, and the new prison intern would be stupid enough to buzz him through the exit?

Leaving his buddies behind wasn’t meant to happen, but a mans gotta’ do what a mans gotta’ do. Besides, it wasn’t his first time only caring about himself. Actually, that’s the way he preferred it. Life was easier when you lived to make yourself happy. Joe knew they would come looking for him, maybe even send the hounds, but he only had one place in mind; the abandoned barn outside the skirts of town where he hid all his stolen goods. That would carry him far from this land, and into a new chapter of riches.

He slowed his pace taking in the fresh air to fill his tired lungs, when he saw flashes of light. ****. He had underestimated how far he would get before the guards caught up to him. Joe knew running along the main road would get him caught, so he chose to deviate from the paved path and into the smoky, unfamiliar woods.

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