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I placed a polite kiss on Ava’s lips, the waves crashing against my back. I pulled her up into my arms and carried her up and back to the cabin.


I sighed, running a hand through my hair. “Uhhh you’re… in my… hut…?” I muttered unsurely.

I noticed her moving backwards on the bed. “No- Oh, god, no! I’m not going to… do anything to you. You- you washed up on the beach, and, well, I guess you hit your head or something, because you were bleeding… Oh, god, you were bleeding. And then you passed out. You’ve been out for days, and I wasn’t sure if you were going to be okay or if-” I paused. “Hi, I’m Roman.”

A smile played on her delicate lips, her eyes getting brighter. “Nice to meet you,” she whispered. “I’m Summer.”   

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