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            In the morning, I stumbled over to the bathroom, my eyes unwilling to open. After turning the knob on the sink, I splashed some water onto my face, breathing a sigh of relief when I was finally able to wash away the sleepiness.

           I pulled my hair into a makeshift ponytail at the base of my neck, a sigh escaping me when I noticed the mark there. The term “love bite” was not fit for its true definition. No, Jace’ s mark upon my neck was surely more of a love bit.

           I could trace the bite marks, if I was daring enough. It looked strangely beautiful. I raised my gaze in the mirror, wild eyes meeting my own.

           “Amazing, isn’t it?” a voice hissed in my head. The voice seemed too close to my own. I held back the tears. It hadn’t happened in so long- why now?

           The mirror’s mouth moved, but I was sure mine didn’t.

           “Beautiful, wonderful, perfect Ava, Marked by a wolf,” the voice cackled. 

”Priceless.” I’d never heard my voice sound like that before. I groaned. How does Infinity think that this has anything to do with being a psychic


I woke up feeling completely rejuvenatedenergy practically rippling on the surface of my skin. I tossed a hand over to the other side of the bed, feeling for Ava. Coming away with nothing, I heard the water running in the bathroom.

I smiled to myself, hoping she felt as complete as I.


 I sighed a breath of relief as soon as I rolled over. My stomach was no longer cramping up, and my head had stopped pounding from excitement. I reached for Alex’s hand, squeezing it lightly.

           Jace had Marked Ava. I could feel it.

           Realization washed over me. Ava and Jace were going to be Mates. He was going to be Alpha, and she- she would be Luna, the female alpha.

           And Roman was going to flip a ****.


           I rolled over in bed, some of the weariness drifting out of my eyes. I stood up immediately, the usual rush of blood to my head not greeting me. But that was what always happened in the morning.

           I shrugged it off, heading into the bathroom to hopefully splash some water onto my face and brush my teeth. I pulled open the medicine cabinet, a gasp escaping my mouth when the glass door creaked as if fell off its hinges.

           A growl of frustration escaped my lips. I threw the door shut behind me. It shook the room. I turned to find a large handprint on the door’s surface.

           Cautiously, hesitantly, I placed my hand over the imprint. Perfect fit.

           I was strong, but weak for a werewolf. Our entire pack was. That’s just what happened when your Alpha was unmated-




He wouldn’t have done that to me- would he? Would sheTeeth clenched, I rounded my hands into fists, fingernails digging into my skin.

            After Joseph told us to stick together.


           Why. Why?

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