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“And who the **** is she?” demanded Jace.

“She found me in the park,” I explained.

“So what? You look perfectly normal. Why the **** did you bring her here?” he asked.

 I said, “Just let me in, and I’ll explain.”

He opened the door so there was enough space for me to carry her in. I set her down on the bed, covering her with my

blankets. Jace walked over to her and took a seat at the edge of my bed. “Oh, she looks like…” he began.

“I know. The resemblance is…”

“Impossible,” he suggested. I nodded. “Is it her?”

I replied sadly, “No, it can’t be.”

“It’ll be alright, Roman. Don’t worry. Did you check for ID?” he asked.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, I checked her pockets in the middle of a dark park while I was trying to chase away her stupid dog,” I told him sarcastically.

I heard a whimper, which caused me to focus my attention on the girl. “I guess we can wait until she wakes up. Shouldn’t be long now.”

I nodded in agreement. The girls moaned in pain. I hurried to her side. “What’s wrong with her?” I asked.

He shrugged. “Maybe we should get Victoria?”

I bit my lip and nodded. “I think that would be best. Joseph has to find out eventually, eh? I’ll be right back. I’m going to get her.”

“Alright. I’ll be…here,” he told me.

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