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   I carried her in my arms- her body was as light as a feather, even as dead weight- until I reached a cave, secluded by the branches of a palm tree. When we’d reached the island, I hadn’t been sure if it was the correct one, but something told me it was. Of course, no one had ever- to my knowledge- been on the north side of the island, which was probably where Ava and I were. Jace and the boy had drifted off. For all of his faults, I hoped Jace was alright. Same to the boy, but that was probably because I knew it would hurt Ava to lose him. And I couldn’t stand the thought of sadness filling her eyes once more.

           I gathered as many dried up sticks and leaves as I could find, though that wasn’t easy in a small rainforest on an island, and piled them up with a circle of rocks surrounding it. I breathed onto the sticks until I saw the smallest flicker of a flame, a few ashes swirling in the air, and then… Sparks… I sighed, gathering my breath before going back to my task.

           The fire had finally started, and there was a small hole at the top of the cave, which sent the smoke away perfectly. I saw Ava begin to shiver, which was probably a sign that she’d be waking up soon, but, hey, I’m no medic.


            I got the strangest sensation of light filling me, a grandmotherly voice whispering, Daughter, you will do great things, I promise you. Use your powers wisely.

           I asked the only sign of life, Am I dead? Classic question, but I had to ask, given the circumstances. I couldn’t even remember… anything. When I tried to look back past the blackness then the light, all I saw was… nothingness.

           A light chuckle, sounding like the wind rustling the trees’ leaves. Oh, no. It’s not yet time for you to die. Go on back to the lightness.

           Warmth filled my body, spreading throughout. I gasped for air, jolting awake and sitting upright.

           I threw my hands in back of me before I could fall down again. My breathing heavy, I glanced around the area I seemed to be in. Where the **** am I? I wondered, rubbing my head. The memories can back to me in a rush- Jace, Roman, Alex, the boat. The kiss… Ooh, what happened? I question.

           I stilled my breathing, listening for sounds. Once I ignored the crackling fire, I could make sense of breathing right behind me. I spun around, my eyes inches from a man’s. Roman.

           I let a scream loose, and his salty, muddy hand immediately covered my mouth. His eyes were wild, and his face was covered in dirt, his hair matted and only partially dry with a stray leaf or two. My heart was beating too quickly, but I didn’t think it was out of fear.

           He lowered his hand, his eyes still on mine, leaving me in a trance.

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