The Forbidden Love

By @Freecloud

The Forbidden Love

By @Freecloud

The blossoming love of two friends.

Chapter 1

Best Night Ever!

It was 1:00am November 5th when Nicole got a text on her phone “Hey it’s Jake, I was wondering if you wanted to sneak out the house and go to this party with me?” As Nicole read her text, her mouth dropped open because Jake Stine was the guy, she’s been crushing on for the past 6 months. While talking to herself, I can’t go to mom and dad would kill me, but before she could text “I can’t.” Jake said, “It would mean the world to me, if you went.” as Nicole replied, “I would love to go with; When do you want to meet?” After what felt like an eternity Jake said, “How about right now?” Filled with giddy excitement, Nicole said “Let me get dressed, and I will be right out.” Nicole ran to her closet, rushed into a pair of navy-blue jeans and plum red blouse. Nearly forgetting to put on her shoes, fumbling with the laces. She managed to put her shoes on, and quietly rushed out to meet Jake. Nicole walking out the door, she saw Jake sitting in his little red BMW. Hand still resting on the front door to her house, started doubting if this was a good idea. “Come on, let’s get going” said Jake hurriedly. Nicole closed the door and walked out to Jake’s car. Hand paused on the clutch, “Wow, you look beautiful” Jake said. “Thanks” said Nicole. Trying not to blush from Jake’s unexpected compliment. Nicole says, “So how has your day been?” “Couldn’t ask for anything better, how was your day?”, “Couldn’t be any better myself” said Nicole. “Anyway, what do you like doing for fun? I know I love singing, and dancing a lot, as well as trying to make the occasional book”. Jake replied, “Cool, I enjoy singing as well. Along with hunting, which I do occasionally. And I’m a pretty advent thrill seeker.” “Oh really,” Nicole said with an amused smirk, “that’s wonderful.” After what seemed like an awkward silence that lasted forever, Nicole turned on the radio to her favorite song. And sang along to it. Much to her surprise Jake started singing with her, once the song finished “Wow, so you really can sing,” teased Nicole, “What, did you really doubt me that much?” replied Jake laughing. “No, ok. Maybe a little.” said Nicole sheepishly. Much to her surprise she started laughing with Jake. “Maybe we should sing together more often?” inquired Nicole, “That would be amazing!” said Jake excitedly. Before they knew it, they had arrived at the party. Jake went to help Nicole out of the car, then Jake’s friend Aste walked up and said Hi. When Nicole got out, her mouth dropped open in astonishment with the vibrancy of the party and it only added to it that it was right next to a lake. So, all the colors reflected off the lake with the moon. Jake looked over at Nicole and smiled, “Hey, talk to you later man.” Jake went over to where Nicole was, and was about to say ‘may I dance with you’ but before he could ask. Aste asked Nicole to dance and Nicole agreed, so off she went. Away from the warmth of Jake’s presence, and onto the dance floor in the arms of a stranger, so Jake went and got himself a drink, Nicole walked over with Aste laughing. Jake looked at Aste like he was upset with him but stopped to look at Nicole and he smiled at the sight of her turning on her phone and a picture of him was her background. Jake said “Hey, Nicole you want a beer?” “Sure” replied Nicole after a bit of drinking both Jake and Nicole got drunk, then Jake took Nicole’s hand and pulled her close to him into a dance while hand in hand with Nicole, Jake felt complete. Nicole smiling bigger than she did when she got the text from Jake. Jake staring into her eyes and could not stop himself from kissing her. As his lips touched Nicole’s cherry red lips there where fireworks in the distance, Jake told Nicole he will be right back. Aste noticed Jake leave, since Aste was also drunk. He went over and kissed Nicole. When he kissed her Nicole looked over and saw Jake with his mouth gapped opened, she ran with tears going down her face. Jack punched Aste in the face and ran after Nicole into the woods. When he reached her he heard her crying in the cold night as a gust of wind hit Nicole and made her shiver Jake gave her his jacket, “Hey you okay?”. “No,” sobbed Nicole. “I just let him kiss me and it covered the kiss we shared.” “Is that why your crying because my kiss was wiped off?” Jake asked. Nicole looked up at Jake and said, “Yes.” Jake smirked, “Well I think I can fix that,” and before Nicole could think. She was pulled into Jake’s warm embrace, with him softly kissing her. 

Author: Amber Stephenson

Co-author/editor: Zeke Boaz

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