At Her Mercy

By @etherealspit

At Her Mercy

By @etherealspit

The tales of a Goddess and her pretty property. Uhhh don't this irl?? plz this is all fantasy

Chapter 1


You sat bound, fear gripping your heart as tightly as the ropes that restricted your limbs. Of course it was clearly useless trying to escape – she knew how to tie them just for you. Your body shuddered, wracked with terror. Her soft smile, a smooth facade but the sharpened blade she carried being a dead giveaway. Even simply dragging your eyes from the threatening silver to meet her eyes pulled a whimper from your throat.

“I-I’m sorry, please..”

With pleads falling upon deaf ears, she continued her stalk towards her prey. You. She was right there, not a dream(nightmare) created by your own mind or a figment of your imagination but there. Crouched by your legs with a smirk, you were her meal presented on a platter.

At first it was just a light pressure, until she pushed harder and harder, the blade pressing past skin and flesh. Your gasp and sobs the only noise above her pleased giggles and licks, her mouth cleaning away the fresh blood. She grinned, a manic glee shining in her eyes as she carved across your skin, scarring your once unbroken flesh through your choked shaky screams – the underlying moans and whines for more obvious to her alone.

“C’mon kitten, you should be grateful your Goddess is putting all this effort into a useless toy like you~”

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