One deaf due to a childhood illness and the other born mute, two girls meet at a local café and become friends. Bonding over their differences, they quickly become close. But they soon learn that the hearing and deaf worlds are very different and could tear them apart.

Chapter 1

Mute Meets Deaf

           I stare at this girl who interrupted my morning. Just plopped into my life from nowhere. Looking up, I notice that she is staring at me, smiling warmly. Her smile draws me in again and I smile back shyly as I feel my face heating up.


           Suddenly with her left hand she places three fingers on my throat, under my chin where my broken voice box laid. I swallowed hard at the sudden contact, something I’m sure she felt , as my face got even warmer. “I know what it’s like to be looked upon with disdain because you have something wrong with you….” She murmured. With her right hand she slowly pushed back her hair away from the side of her head. Hidden within that black dreadlock forest, her right ear emerged and that’s when I see them… Dark purple hearing aids, this girl is deaf. As I stare at the hearing aids I can’t help but smile as I noticed the cute dark brown mole she has on her earlobe.

           “By the way, my name is Danielle Stark, and I’m profoundly deaf. I only wear hearing aids because they help pick up high pitch noise but that’s it. Nice to meet you.” She says with a smile, grabbing my left hand in a handshake.

           My name is Maya Whiteman.   

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