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Born of the Mind

By @Smkincade


We sit in uncomfortable silence as I watch as Julian shifts from one position to the next. He places his hands in his lap, then combs his fingers through his hair as he takes a deep breath. 


“Technically I’m not supposed to tell you – or anyone else for that matter – any of this…” he starts with a nervous laugh. 


“What do you mean?” I ask, confused. 


“You have to promise to never breathe a word about what I am about to tell you to anyone,” He fixates me with a firm stare. 


I place a hand over my heart, “I promise,” 


Julian sighs as he stands up to pace the small length of the interior, shaking his hands out and shoving them in his pockets. 


“Where to start…” He murmurs to himself before stopping to look me in the eye, “I know what you are Elizabeth,” 


I feel the blood drain from my face. How? 


Seeing the expression on my face he quickly continues, “It’s not your fault, you didn’t give away anything! I’m like you, and so is Travis, there’s a lot more of us out there than you might think,” 


I blink as I take this in. I’m like you. What does that mean? Can he communicate like Clarence and I do? 


“What are you saying?” I question, narrowing my eyes. 

“I’m saying that you’re not alone as you think,” He answers, “I know you can do things, powerful things, with your mind, Travis could sense it, but even he can’t even begin to know the extent of it,” 


“Powerful things? I don’t know what you’re talking about!” I exclaim. 


“I know this might be difficult for you to understand, but can you just listen for a moment?” He pleads. 


I press my lips together and cross my legs as I give him a curt nod. 


“Ok, so all of us have different abilities, but they are all connected to our minds. Like me, for example, I can read the emotions of people’s thoughts. I can’t know what they are thinking exactly, just the tone of the thoughts.” 


I nod in understanding. 


“Now, a select few of us have multiple abilities. Most people don’t discover if they have more than one ability until they are fully matured. In other words, some people have a dominant ability, and an extra ability if you may. Anyway, Travis is one of those people. His dominant ability is teleportation, he can picture a place in his head, and appear there instantly. He has his limitations of course, all abilities have them, but power can grow.” 


“That’s how he got to me so fast,” I muse as I recall the moment from earlier in the day. 


Julian nods in confirmation. 


“So, what’s his second ability then?” I ask, curious. 


“He can recognize others of our kind, and gauge their power, to him, their power radiates off of them in waves, the thicker the waves, the more powerful the mage,” He explains. 




“Yeah, that’s what we call ourselves, ‘Mind Mages’.” He answers with a grin. 


“Mind Mages…I like it,” I say with a small smile. 


He continues to smile back, warming me from the inside out. 


“Oh! I almost forgot; I can also influence people’s emotions to a degree. My emotions kind of surround me like an aura, and well, if a person gets close enough to be in that aura, their emotions change to match.” He adds. 


“So, you have two abilities as well?” I inquire. 


“Not exactly, the two kind of go hand in hand, whereas Travis’ abilities are not related at all. Mine is more like an offspring of my dominant ability, not a whole other ability all together.” He informs me. 


I think about what he said, “When you said that ‘we’ call ourselves Mind Mages were you referring to just you and Travis?” 


“No, I was referring to The Guild,” He says. 


“The Guild?” 


“Yes, it’s a large group of us who are against The Tentoria,” 


The name sends a shiver down my spine, the Soulless ones. 


“That’s why Travis wouldn’t let you in, why he told me not to trust you, because your power feels the same as theirs,” He explains. 


“What do you mean it ‘feels the same’ are you accusing me of being one of them?” I shudder. 


“Of course not! All I am trying to say is you are as powerful as they are, you could take them on!” 


“You’re crazy! No one takes on The Tentoria! That’s suicidal!” I burst out. 


“For most I suppose, but not for you,” He states calmly. 


“So that’s it then?” I fume, “You wanted to talk me into martyring myself for your guild??” 


“That’s not it at all!! I’m just trying to make you more aware of everything, about yourself, about others like us-” 


I cut him off, “And you expect me to believe that you know more about me than I do? That’s a very bold statement Mr. Tryce,” I seethe. 


“Elizabeth please! I’m not asking you to risk your life for anyone, and I didn’t mean to offend you! All I’m saying is that there are other options for you, and that The Guild might be able to help you. You can come with me to our base, and you can train and master your power. We can help you reach your full potential and find your brother.” 


“And how do I know this isn’t some sort of trick?” I ask suspiciously. 


“I swear it isn’t, all I want is to help you, in any way that I can. This is the best I can offer; I’d have to convince Travis first but…” 

“Fine,” I say, “I’ll come with you, only if you promise – no – swear to me that we will find my brother,” 


“I swear,” He says, mimicking my gesture, placing his hand over his heart. 


I smile, “Good.” 


He sighs heavily as he puts the buckets back on the shelf of the shed, “Now the tricky part, convincing Travis.” 


He mutters something I can’t make out, and the air quivers again before stilling. 


He holds the rickety door open for me and gestures to the house, “Ladies first?” 


I walk back out into the fresh air and take a deep breath, only to freeze in place. 


“Not so fast pretty lady,” An unfamiliar voice drawls from behind. 


I panic for a moment. Why can’t I move?  


“Let her go Ash,” Julian warns. 


“But can’t I just look a while longer at her still, pretty face?” The voice – Ash – pouts. 


“Let. Her. Go.” Julian repeats, more firmly this time. 


“Geez Jules, just trying to have a bit of fun,” Ash says. 


Suddenly, I am able to move again. 


“Hey!” I shout as I whirl to face Ash. 


He grins at me cockily as he rests his hands on his hips. He has sleek, black hair that seems to glint in the light. His deep blue eyes cut into mine as he gives me a once over. 


“Not bad Jules, not bad at all,” he whistles. 


“Cut it out Ash,” Julian snaps as he socks him in the arm. 


“Ow,” Ash complains, glaring at him. 


“Elizabeth,” Julian says, “This is Asher Wright, he’s my good friend and trusted confidant,” 


“Is he a part of the…” I ask, not wanting to mention The Guild in the open. 


“Yes, his father is one of the head organizers, Ash, this is Miss Elizabeth Curial, she will be joining us very soon, as long as I can convince Travis that is. But she already knows, so there’s not much he can do now.” Julian smiles in triumph. 


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss Curial,” Asher extends a hand out to me. 


I shake his hand politely, his grip soft and cool, “It’s nice to meet you too Asher, although I would prefer it if you didn’t freeze me in place without warning, or at all come to think of it,” 


Asher laughs lightly at this, “Of course, but no promises, and please, call me Ash,” 


I glower at Ash, accomplishing nothing but bringing his cocky grin back to his face. 


Ash opens his mouth as if about to say something, but then suddenly closes it and jerks his head towards the house, Julian and I turn to see a very unhappy Travis stomping his way across the yard. 


“JULIAN!” He roars. 


“Well, I gotta’ go, see ya!” Ash darts away without a sound. 


Julian and I stand statue-still as we watch Travis storm towards us. Now we’re in for it. I think, and brace for the worst. 

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