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By @_Klaus


There are beautiful people in this world, who can laugh and love and see the world in a positive view, as if they have a filter from the world that the rest of us see. Beautiful people see beautiful things, so maybe that is why I see a world full of hate. Fortunately, though, I am surrounded by beautiful people, who do see beautiful things, and act as a barrier, preventing me from falling into reality. Because the people I am surrounded by are in love.

Beautiful people are not perfect. Beautiful people are still self conscious and restrained by society’s judgement. They follow blindly, in a desperate attempt to please the people they do not know and do not care about. So the beautiful people who I am surrounded by have been bound by their own mind to hide the love that they so desperately control.

I wonder why, it is the best people who care so much.

Allow me to introduce Eleanor, a beautiful young girl, who is in love. Her brown, curly hair dances around her ears as she laughs, her lips whisper love songs, and her deep brown eyes follow him as he walks past. They follow his red curly hair, they follow his imperfect smile, they follow his scruffy uniform, because she is in love.But she is scared. You see, when you have built yourself up to be strong and perfect, you desperately cling to the safety of your own control, even when the waves of love are dragging you away. So, how could Eleanor accept that she loved him? How could Eleanor allow people to see her insecurities and emotions? How could Eleanor show other people Eleanor? How could Eleanor?

School’s been kind of stressful lately, I mean, we’re in year 11, so GCSE exams are constantly hanging over us. Every assembly we are reminded of the importance of revision, and how without it we are all doomed to fail in life and live miserably. Well, Mr Tucker says that, at least. He’s our Head of Year, and also my music teacher; a nice guy, but can be super condescending when he wants to be. So we go about our day, ignoring the nagging from teachers, and laughing as Eleanor’s deep brown eyes follow him.

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