Bloody tendencies

By @micahthedude

Bloody tendencies

By @micahthedude

Kaspian is an idiot teenager, and he knows it. Roman is a sadist who spends his time over throwing kingdoms in his homeland, Hell, and stalking mortals for entertainment. What happens when Kaspian is stupid enough to try to make something up in Latin class and brings Roman more entertainment then he deserves? Read to find out!

Chapter 1

A Deal, an idiot boy, and a sadist

“Anything for you toots!” He held his outstretched gloved hand to me, a cocky grin on his scaly face while his staticky voice sung these meaningless words.

”No way in Hell do I believe that!” He looked taken aback by this and I saw his expression shatter for an instant then regain its normal frame.

”And why not? Why would you not trust me dear we’ve known each other ages.” He says the grin back, his face inches away from mine his bright red eyes hurting me while he pulls my chin forward to continue looking at him.

“I only just met you today! How can you know me for ages when I didn’t even know you existed till now!” I scream back, retching my face out of his grip.

“Now, now sweetheart is that anyway to talk to me.” He said and grabbed me close again. I couldn’t tell if he was being flirty or trying to mess with me again so I left it up to fate so I could focus on more important things like getting him the heck away from me.

”Never mind that ‘sweetheart’ thing,” I said visibly gagging, “I don’t even know your name yet, “ I rip myself out of his hands, “and I have never seen anyone like you!” I point a shaking finger at him, finally able to focus without being worried about him grabbing me out of nowhere.

”Calm down toots! I just want to help you with your… problems.” He said the last part ominously with

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  1. Nanashi

    This will definitely be a read when I want something humorous. Please make more!

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