Land of Rain

By @ois

Land of Rain

By @ois

I have always been fascinated by Rain. Rain still is the most artistic creation there is in the world. Food for thousand more poets. Here is my writing on rain as persuaded by my beloved aunt. For you who have always admired rain I present the Land Of Rain.

Chapter 1

As simple as a rain.

” If you will stay close to nature, to its simplicity,to the small things hardly noticeable, those things can unexpectedly become great and immeasurable.”


Rilke’s heartwarming words are a panacea for the melancholy of my throbbing heart. A poet’s hunger and his sustenance since dim and distant has been borne by this refrain. But every breath knows that each drop that washes the sole domicile of human existence only rouses its appetite.

When this bird of passage cometh

The tune the clock shall hummeth

Is an ode to the blood and thunder

God avert this unbound venture.

Antonymously,the outpouring current pertains an utmost bliss and subsides the aflame hearts of cultivators after the sultry months of summer. It cools the burning soil and the rising petrichor is a euphoria of the soul. Days of rain provide a stained- glass landscape with details of images, colours and odour. It is like a pure work of a mellowed craftsman.

For a bird of the air shall carry the voice

And that which hath wings

Shall tell the matter

Such is the beauty of this blissful patter;

A fool’s errand it is to look for origin,

Might this bountiful malediction bless the fool

And teach the poet in vain

The compulsion poem,a true de jure.

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