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The Lost Ones

By @Kittyqueen79

The Beast

Lewicat August sat on the top of her cottage. She watched the stars shift in the night sky, and the planets come closer, then farther away. It was beautiful. She shifted on the thatched roof, getting deeper and deeper into the leaves. She watched the sky closely, the stars shimmering so high above where she sat.

Lewicat was about to drift to sleep when something made her open her eyes. Schtrah! She sat up, that was a sound, that nobody wants to hear near their home. She tried to get to her feet, but as soon as she moved, thwok! she found herself inside already, leaving a hole in the ceiling.

She gasped as she heard the sound come closer, and the air get hotter.

Lewicat scrambled to her feet, ripping her sword from her back. She raced out of the house, and ran outside, leaving the house empty.


The beast struck Lewicat’s arm, leaving a huge gash, but she ignored the gash, she’d seen worse. She jumped high through the air and sliced the dragon’s chest, letting blood cascade to the ground.

The creature groaned and fell limp to the ground, pawing the air, catching one more breath before Lewicat ran at it, and pierced it’s heart.

Dort. Alles erledigt.” she said, inspecting her gash.

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