seeing stars

By @frncsg
seeing stars

From the outside looking in, Felix is a normal teenager who attends a normal school and is not extraordinary in any way. But his best friend, Fizzy, is determined to change that. (Mental Health Awareness)

Chapter 5

shining star

At precisely 2:34, Fizzy and I creeped out of my bedroom window and carefully climbed down to my soft, lawn. Luckily, I knew the way to Ian’s house, seeing as we used to be friends and I was often welcome over there with open arms. My parents were wary to entrust me with my own car, so I earlier I had swiped my fathers keys and was now using them to unlock his own, prized car. I made a mental note to myself to protect this car at all costs and I slipped into the driver’s seat ( Fizzy didn’t want to drive), started the engine, and drove off in the direction of Ian’s house. Ian. The guy who would soon no longer have a tongue. Because of me. Needless to say, the drive over was silent.

Everything that happened after I parked my car exactly fifty paces away from Ian’s house felt like a blur. I barely registered myself opening to window which lead into Ian’s bedroom and holding it open so that Fizzy could climb in as well. She had wanted to come with me in order to make sure I “did the job right.” I felt as if I were dreaming as my feet dragged me over to Ian’s bed, as if there were hundred-pound weights trying to hold me back from my task at hand. The realization of this all didn’t hit me until I was standing right beside Ian, I could hear his soft snores and see his chest slightly rumpling the sheets ever time he took a breath. I didn’t want to do this. But I had to. I had to because Fizzy told me.

“Go on,” She coaxed. “Do it.”  I stole a glance at my hand tightly clutching the slender dagger, my knuckles lightening with the effort, so much so they almost appeared colorless. The reflection of the night sky shone in through the window I had used to break in. Mixed in with the sleek, silvery color of the knife, a brilliant, glowing orb shown, reflecting from the night sky onto my dagger. As I cautiously looked up, my eyes were greeted with an alluring scene above me. Hundreds of stars, all radiating a warm glow, were scattered along across a vast, seemingly endless, darkness. In the middle of them all, standing out like a butterfly in winter, was Sirius. The brightest star in the night sky is known as Sirius, the most curious, encaptivating star that, in my opinion, man has ever had the opportunity to study. Sirius illuminates brighter than over two hundred billion stars currently residing in our solar system, and is a mystery that leaves scientists and astronomers alike perplexed. I felt as if a wave of clarity had washed over me. I cautiously lowered my knife and turned around. Fizzy was gone.

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