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By @loveleah

the beggening

“JUSTIN” yelled an enraged little girl leaving a door flying off the hinges behind her.

“y-yes Harper?” answered Justin in caution

“Why is my suitcase gone? I need that so we can go to school tomorrow. we have to leave in 2 hours! you better-“

“Calm down I have it. I was just making sure you didn’t have anything that is demony in it! You are very careless ya know”

“Me? careless? Just admit it you are nervous aren’t you? we will be fine just stop screwing up all the time and we wont get caught. easy peasy huh?”

Justin gave her a sarcastic look and walked into his room. All of a sudden he felt guilt. Every single emotion he fought so hard to hide, came rushing to the surface. He ambled his way to his bed, reminiscing about everything that could go wrong in the next 2 hours before they had to start a new life at a new school full of misanthropy people against people of his kind. He wanted to make things right, he needed to make things right not only for him, not only for his sister, but for his family. he wanted to come out of hiding and be with kids his age. He wants his sister to grow up in a world where all magical creatures and beings can get along with no second thinking. No regrets.


“hey Harper, we have 15 minuets before we have to leave. please hurry up and lets go”

“Yeah I know Mr. Judgy. I’m done anyways so stop rushing me.”

she floated everything she needed into her backpack and she walked into the room with Justin and ave him an I told you so face. they both just looked at each other with despair. shaking with fear but not letting the other one know because if they did, their ego would be shattered. Justin wanted to be the one to save his little sister but Harper wanted to be the one who fought for her older brother. they needed things to go perfect so they can save their kind once and for all.

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