The Escape

By @Dolphinlover101
The Escape

How does one become a monster? Power? Greed? Love? Jack's fight is unlike any other, for he is the hero as well as the villain. His fight is against himself. He is the only one who can make a difference.

Chapter 1


Sometimes the world doesn’t need another hero sometimes what it needs is a monster. At least that is how I looked at it. It was the only way to stay sane. I had to do it my power had become so strong. I had been able to control the universe but again with power comes a price. That price was my sanity. I wasn’t born lucky like most kids. I was an accident and probably my mother’s biggest mistake. My dad must have had powers. Which led to the question of what was he. He wasn’t fully human that is for sure. Well, whatever he was some of his powers got passed on to me. I would call it a curse, but I have heard to much of that already.

Any hope I had of fitting in finished once the doctors found out I was half human and half something else. Don’t get me wrong there any many mixed bloods as we are called but not one quite like me. No one can out power me not even myself. See I was born a monster it is all I could be.

Sorry! I guess I forgot to mention my name. It’s Jack. Not Jackson just Jack. I know you were expecting more. Maybe a more evil name, longer perhaps, or something more powerful. No, its just Jack. See my mother tried to treat me like a normal mixed blood. Which is not very normal in the first place. I even went to a mixed blood school. That is until my powers got me suspended. In my defense it is a mixed blood school shouldn’t they expect power malfunctions? That’s when I found out I was cursed. See everyone could control there powers. Not me mine were out of control, wild, dark, and most of all dangerous.

You may be thinking tell me your power already!! They must be so cool! No, they are not they are a curse. For if you saw what I could do you surly wouldn’t listen to me talk. You would run, you would hunt, you would try to kill me. It is also what you should do for the world can only be safe when I am gone.

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