Little Wings

By @Eviestivers
Little Wings

When Everly dies unexpectedly while delivering her son she learns that there are many Angels of Death, each with a different purpose. She is now one of them and in charge of crossing over infants and children, known as Little Wings.

Chapter 1


I was never really sure how I felt about death or if I believed in any kind of afterlife.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to believe, believing would have been much more comforting when I was alive, I just never seemed to be capable of that sort of blind faith that so many people manage to maintain.

Now I know that an afterlife exists but I still don’t know exactly it holds for me, I won’t until my job is done.

Room 1108 of the Labor and Delivery Ward in the Darnell Community Hospital. I was here once before, not all that long ago, but in a much different position.

There’s a mother crying on the bed, her hair drenched in tears and mouth covered to silence her sobs. Her husband had been awake for over 48 hours, he’s finally sleeping now and she doesn’t want to wake him. She doesn’t want him to see how broken she is though they are both shattered in ways that are hard to imagine and even harder to repair.

She stares in to the bassinet where her perfect but silently born son lays. In a few short hours they’ll say good-bye and let him go, it will the hardest moment of her life and she’ll always wonder about him. If only she could know what I know. What I do.

I’ll be the last person to hold him on this side and the first to see him as if he were alive. The one who will cross him over. Who will make sure he feels safe and knows how loved he is.

My name is Everly, I am an Angel of Death.

There are many of us but only one in charge of the Little Wings and , for now , that’s me.

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